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My In-Game name: CE Vice Commander Biily STEAMID: Steam Name: James What is the reason for your ban: NH2RP How long were you banned for: Permament Name of the staff member who banned you: Unckonwn Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: After a good few monthgs of being banned and mewing i believe that i needed to grow up. With that said i would like to be given the second chance as i had a great time while i was a member of the werewolf gaming community and i would like to boujnce back better than every. I dont have a history of being a minge (heh...) so the ban had me absolutely flabbergasted! I believa that if i am to be unbanned i will make WGSWRP great again. I have a history with most of the players who are high up and even with those who dont play anymore (i used to be groomed by battalion Brandon) Finally, my closing point is please unban me. Evidence: sowwy ūü•ļ


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I have known billy since i flew my LAAT into the WTC

(he really quiet fr unless you get to know him)

also i would like to note he mogs so hard

also im a victim of brandon aswwell xx

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I remember Biily from a long time ago (In a galaxy far far away) and its good to see he has changed for the better. 


A second chance may be in order.


Good luck shmuckums xxx


(Professional RPer)


(Good Guy)


(Long time)


(Huge Personalities)


(Big C*** Brandon, real ones know!)

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Billy is a goat and deserves to come back.

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Just now, Kicks said:

 He should be unbanned, he was going through a rough time at home and took it out on Gmod [his mother caught him gooning and edging to Mike O'hearn]

Deserves a second chance at degeneracy 



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