Stoddy's EP Application

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General Information:

Steam Name + Profile link: Stoddyy |

Roleplay Name : GM ARC Colonel Stoddy

Teamspeak Name: Stoddy

Playtime on the Server: 1w 6d 11hrs 15mins

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:129064354

Any experience in staffing on a roleplay server: I've had one or two chances many years ago on DarkRP servers but overall none

Current Age: 23

Warns/Bans: 0

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: Yes

Have you ever Done an Event Before?: No

What was your event and was it successfully executed?: N/A

Do you understand the responsibilities an event-planner has? If so, what are they?: They are to ensure a good balance between both EC and Clones/Jedi, making sure both sides are presented with a challenge, and keeping the flow of the event stable.


Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: Yes

Clone Event Plan:

Story for your event:  A few stray spice smugglers have been spotted setting up a drill near the Jedi caves, it is believed they are attempting the drill in to the moon to secure pockets of spice buried deep underground. They appear to be heavily armed with stolen rayshields and rotary blaster cannons. The goal is to get them off the moon as it could destabilize the moon's gravitational field leading us to stray away from the system. Will you answer the call to arms?


Event Announcement for your story: Spice smugglers have been spotted attempting to drill deep within the Jedi caves, this could be catastrophic and lead to the destabilization of the moons gravitational field. You must stop them at all costs, negotiate or bare arms this cannot be allowed to happen. 

Choice of map: Rishi Moon

Type of enemies/faction, Why them in particular?: Spice smugglers/ Spice Leader, best choice for the kind of event im looking at going for and the aim is to capture the leader to gain the information as to why they are here.

Additional Characters: N/A

Republic's outline and execution: Battalion states that the base scanners have detected a large piece of equipment has been offloaded on the the moon near the Jedi Caves, He quickly sends RC in a drop ship and SF to investigate and find out what is going on and why the equipment is here, he later orders CE to set up LAAT Transports and begins moving troops to the location to set up a blockade in the case that whoever is responsible may attempt to attack the base. Once a foothold is created the goal is to capture the leader of the operation and question him on why he is here.

Event Character outline and execution:  All of the smugglers are set up in some kind of FOB outside the JC where the drill will be located, they will be interrupted in the moving of the drill but will attempt to bribe the republic to let them drill within the caves. Once the leader grows impatient of the back and fourth negotiations he gets his men to open fire on the republic and retreats to the caves in an attempt to hold off the Clones or until they surrender.

Jedi Event Plan:

Create a jedi event BASED upon one of the following P-EC scenario below 

- Grey Jedi Teidowan who prevented the Jedi order from stopping the genocide of a village. The Grey Jedi now must be redeemed by the jedi order. Write an event plan on how the Grey Jedi would be redeemed

- Sith Apprentice who seeks to resurrect its master with a dark ritual after he was slain by the jedi. The ritual required sacrifices of multiple lifeforms. Write a event plan on how the Sith could perform said ritual

- Mercenary Guerilla wanted by the republic for multiple murderers has been hired by a wealthy client. After a high ranking jedi within the order captured the wealthy client previously, now he is hungry for revenge. Write an event plan so that the Mercenary can kidnap the high ranking Jedi

Story for your event BASED on the option: The Jedi sense a dark presence with the smugglers, a sith apprentice appears to be helping them for an unknown reason, maybe he has sensed something deep in the depths of the cave and needs the smugglers drill to help him achieve his goal.

Event Announcement for your story: A dark hooded figure has been spotted with the smugglers assisting them in their mining operation. This is not unusual but the Jedi are left with an uneasy feeling of this hooded figure, the dark side appears to surround him. Whatever he wants the Jedi must put a stop to it before it is too late.

Additional Characters: N/A

Jedi's outline and execution: The meditating Jedi have sensed a dark and uneasy presence and go to the caves to investigate, they meet a dark hooded figure and attempt to negotiate a peace offering in the hopes he will tell them why he is there, if that doesn't go to plan then a face off will occur.

Jedi Event Character outline and execution: The Sith Apprentice senses the Jedi presence and meets them outside the caves, there he speaks in sort of a possessed tongue and doesn't seem fully in control, as negotiations begin he ignites and attempts to mercilessly cut down the jedi in his path.

Last question:

Anything else?: W-G E-Planner

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Nice Guy 

Decent Story

Overall i think he would make a Great EP

Current Ranks
  DS Commando F-91 CWRP Senior Event planner - CWRP Discord Staff Manager - CWRP Deputy Event Manager
Past Ranks
CT 2459 - CE PFT MEDIC COLONEL CG Detainment Droid - Battalion Sand - Battalion Colonel - GM LT Colonel 5x Regimental Medic Jedi Ace CWRP Senior Event Planner Jedi Watcher 501st Colonel Jedi Paladin - Jedi Phantom - Jedi Beast Tamer Jedi Lorekeeper CWRP Jedi Event planner - 501st Gamma ARC Colonel Obi Wan Kenobi Plo Koon - Mace Windu - Yoda





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