Felix 2nd try at EP

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General Information:

Steam Name + Profile link: 
Felix | https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199230941417/

Roleplay Name: 501st ARC Captain Felix

Teamspeak Name: Felix 

Playtime on the Server: 2mo 3w 1d 8h 3m.

SteamID : STEAM_0:1:635337844

Any experience in staffing on a roleplay server: Been EP Before

Current Age: 17

Warns/Bans: 0

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: i do

Have you ever Done an Event Before?: I have done many jedi and clone events

What was your event and was it successfully executed?: I have done events in the past

Do you understand the responsibilities an event-planner has? If so, what are they?: I think the responsibilities of a EP is to make fun and enjoyable events for everyone

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: I understand.

Clone Event Plan:

Create an event plan for clones, Event announcement, What type of enemies will be encountered. Keep in mind this will be used for your first training event. Make it easy to understand, be original and be creative(Use the Template): 

Story for your event: The CIS have formed a blockade on Naboo to lure the Republic, the City has fallen under Separatists Control and they have taken Senator Valeria hostage to demand the Republic to surrender their attack. The news of the senator being taken captive has now informed the Republic of Naboo's downfall. Once the Senator has been located the Republic will make quick work to regain Naboo and retrieve Senator Valeria
Event Announcement for your story: A Emergency transmission has been received from Naboo giving the Republic valuable Intel to perform an Attack, You will be sent to locate the Separatists Presence and to retrieve the Senator. Good Luck Soldiers!

Choice of map: Naboo City

Type of enemies/faction, Why them in particular?: The Separatist force - Because they have invaded Naboo and have taken a Important Senator hostage.

Additional Characters: Amount could change due to server pop
Droideka HP: 2500 (2)
B1 Enforcer Droid HP: 2250 (2)
B1 Assault Droid HP: 2250 (3)

Sniper Droid (1) HP: 1500 (if needed)

Republic's outline and execution: 
- Transmission will be received and be passed onto Battalion
- The battalion will call a briefing
- Immediately extract to Naboo
- Locate the Seperatists
- Negotiate with them
- Locate the Senator
- Extract from Naboo


Event Character outline and execution: 
- Dupe will be placed
- Barricades will be placed
- EC's will be switched onto Jobs
- EC's will be told to wait and negotiate with the republic
- Negotiations fail and the event will continue

Jedi Event Plan:

Story for your event BASED on the option: A Sith has planned a slaughter of the Jedi, He has been waiting for this moment for decades and now the time has finally come. He will trick the Jedi into thinking he is a Jedi in danger to lure all Jedi towards his Trap.

Event Announcement for your story: A Sith has reached out in the force and called to the Jedi be wary it may be a Trap!

Additional Characters:
Sith Apprentice HP: 40000
Few NPC's

Jedi's outline and execution: Jedi can feel another Jedi in Danger, so they will look for this Jedi and be accidentally walking into a trap. Once they have walked into the trap they will see a Sith like person with a red saber attacking them. Then the Jedi will engage in combat with this supposed "jedi"

Jedi Event Character outline and execution: EC will be changed onto Sith job and then will be told to wait for the Jedi as i make an Advert to lure the Jedi into the trap at the RO. Once they have entered the EC will then engage with them.

Last question:

Anything else?: W-G E-Planner

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+1 previous ep, and events that he has done before have been good

Current Ranks:

[Reserve Medic]

Previous Ranks:

[CT Colonel] [CT Vice Commander] [501st Adv Rancor] [501st Colonel] [501st EXO] [Jedi Warlock]


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Felix has previously been EP so has the required skills to deal with the environment in EP and knows the logical knowledge to deal with making events alone, he is also an active player of the community and he's liked by most of the community.


Previous OOC rank
Senior Event Planner

Previous IC rank
CT Drill Sergeant-Major
CE Captain
CG Vice-Commander
Battalion  Colonel

Jedi Scout


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