Joe Hamilton

Hamiltons 7 year medal application

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Name: Hamilton

TS Unique ID: 5bYfAaQEW5f5AuGr2KmlN2jNvxs=

Requested Medal: 7 Year community service medal.

Proof: I already have the 6 year medal in TS. Just posting this to update it to the 7 year one as I continued playing in this community. Here is the proof, it's from SCP-RP. Pretty sure it was V2.  (This one is 6 years old, but I just threw it in here as it does clearly show a werwolfgaming link in chat and me being Head Researcher, which you only get the WL for after playing for a while and applying)   Me logged into Teamspeak


Still playing in the community. Most recently in late december.

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changed a year

Current Ranks: None

Former Ranks:                                                   Started Playing WG SCP-RP in 2016                                                 

COTBG Deacon [2017] | Head Researcher  [2017 - ???] [SCP-RP] (Major changes to the job annulled my WL)

212th EXO [2018] | 212th Vice Commander [2020] | 212th SO + 74th Member + CE Member [2021] |

212th SO [2022] | Battalion Officer [2022] | 212th SO [2023] | 41st Captain [2024]

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