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OOC stuff:

IGN - Charlie Gutierrez, for this character it will be Dr. John Moore

Current Ranks - Trial mod, Jnr Dev, Modeller



Loadout - Tazer, cuffs

Playermodel - Will change depending on what I'm doing. Will be one of the following 3:











In character:



Dr. Jack Moore's journey within the SCP Foundation began decades ago, fueled by an insatiable curiosity about the anomalous and a passion for ensuring the safety of humanity. Trained as a medical doctor with a specialization in infectious diseases, Marcus quickly distinguished himself as a brilliant researcher with a keen understanding of the intricacies of anomalous phenomena.

During his early years with the Foundation, Dr. Jack Moore played a pivotal role in containing several highly contagious anomalies, developing innovative containment protocols and treatments to prevent the spread of anomalous diseases. His groundbreaking research earned him recognition within the organization and paved the way for his eventual rise to prominence.

As Dr. Jack Moore's expertise grew, so too did his responsibilities within the Foundation. He was appointed as the Chair of the Containment Committee, overseeing a team of dedicated researchers and containment specialists tasked with combating the myriad health threats posed by anomalous entities.

Under Dr. Jack Moore's leadership, the containment specialists implemented stringent protocols for identifying, containing, and neutralizing anomalous diseases and pathogens. His tireless dedication to the safety of Foundation personnel and the general public earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues.

Throughout his career, Dr. Jack Moore has faced numerous challenges, from containment breaches to global pandemics caused by anomalous pathogens. Yet, his unwavering commitment to protecting humanity has never wavered. He has forged alliances with governments, medical organizations, and other anomalous research groups to pool resources and expertise in the ongoing fight against anomalous diseases.

Despite his high-ranking position within the Foundation, Dr. Jack Moore remains humble and approachable, always willing to lend an ear or offer guidance to his colleagues. He is known for his calm demeanor under pressure and his ability to make tough decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Dr. Jack Moore's legacy within the SCP Foundation is one of dedication, innovation, and unwavering resolve in the pursuit of health and security for all. As the Chair of the Containment Committee, he continues to push the boundaries of scientific discovery while ensuring that the Foundation remains at the forefront of anomaly containment and research.



As the Chair of the Containment Committee, Dr. Jack Moore follows the relations of the foundation. Internally, he works alongside MTF E-11, researchers and any other personell who help with the containment of anomalies.


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i dont really see the point of the character, its just head researcher but with a few extra steps and a fancy name on the scoreboard

"Chair of the Containment Committee" probably translates to "im going to powertrip all the time in the foundation"

i have overdosed 4 times since being banned from scp rp

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