Ban/Warn Request for Ace

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Your In-Game name: 212th CPT Hazard

Offender's In-Game name/s: 501st Gamma ARC COL Ace

Steam ID of the offender/s: (http://steamidfinder.com/) STEAM_0:0:510862892

Why should the offender/offenders be banned?:
Ace should be banned and warned for MRDM and FAILRP because he shot the bomb/kerosene tank knowing that it might or even will kill people. He even said "I have to test something" so once again he either knew or was suspecting it could've been real and even if the kerosene wouldn't kill anyone, the bomb would've (which is what happend) which in either case is FAILRP and ARDM/AMRDM.

And in general that was quite a stupid thing to do especially as 501st Gamma ARC Colonel he should know that shooting bombs is never a good idea no matter how big or small they are even if there are no people close by or the explosive might be "fake", there's 212th to defuse them without causing huge explosions and you can see 1 212th in the clip approaching it and trying to get it defused.

Evidence: (screenshots, videos) https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/1Yq6du-37LJmXZ/d1337eH1a7NY?invite=cr-MSw0UnYsMTYxMzAzNDk0LA
Anything else to add: at the time of writing this as far as i know he did not receive any punishment of any kind even after clips were posted in image sharing.


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The user in question has been punished accordingly. Thank you for your report!

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