Woshas Unban Request

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My In-Game name: Wosha

STEAMID:   76561198443443453

Steam Name:  Wosha of Pac

What is the reason for your ban:  Advertisement/Player-Pulling

How long were you banned for: Permanent

Name of the staff member who banned you:  Henk

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: 

So, 3 months ago when I got myself perma-banned, of course it was due to attempting to draw some players to a different server which at the time, had just opened - obviously one of the biggest no-nos in the field of Gmod SW RP rules.  Thing is though, I will admit, it wasn't only because I wanted more players for that server, but also, and really, more significantly, it was done out of anger. Anger towards the server and its higher-ups, both in and out of character ones.

As some people on the server may have noticed, I had several methods of basically pointing the middle finger at the server and its higher-ups - refusing to join regiments, frequently minging around as a droid or CT, and of course, ultimately advertising. 

The reasons behind the anger of mine, from what I can currently remember, was due to huge frustration at the rules as well as the at the power-players/abusers. All of which were of significant detriment to me even in the beginning when I was playing the server properly and had no anger or spite towards anyone. 

Now, I will say that whilst I do feel that my anger was, at least, somewhat warranted, due to being mistreated when I was either doing nothing wrong or attempting to do the right thing in several of those unpleasant situations which led up to this, obviously, being vindictive in response was far from a good way of dealing with things. Every time I got myself into some kind of drama, where I was intentionally doing the wrong thing, it was detrimental to everyone involved including myself. I also understand that advertisement in particular, is pretty toxic to an Gmod community, even if it already has a huge amount of players.

Well, here's the good news: I have since returned to Gmod after taking a break for around a month and a half, from it which has not only given me reason to want to play SW RP properly again, but has gotten a lot of my anger out. Also in that time, I've found other hobbies and healthy outlets. Essentially, I'm in a much better mindset these days and just want to play again and not get into some kind of trouble. 

I understand that should I be unbanned, there will definitely be one or two trials that I will be placed in, such as being monitored closely by admins who will ensure that I commit no further rule-breaking, and that is very much fair enough. 

I simply just want to return, play SW RP properly and have harmless fun, and should my perma ban remain in place, well it was worth a try.


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Unfortunately, your unban request has been denied due to advertising other servers. You can re-apply for an unban in 3 months

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