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Philips Keter Site-Director management application

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In-Game Name: Philips Keter
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:211188625
Forum Name: Rusty

What is the role/task of a Site Director in your own words? 
“noun: a person who is in charge of an activity, department, or organisation.” -Google.

  In short, Site Directors are the ones responsible for a site. Simple right? How everyone interprets being responsible and having the role of a leader is up to each individual's personality and preferences. Some directors take a very much laid back approach, sitting in an office only giving occasional orders over comms, while others take a hands-on-deck approach putting the fire out by themselves. 
  As a director it should be a balance between the two, being able to delegate tasks and trust others whilst also not being disconnected from the reality of a workplace and having some resemblance of involvement.

Past experience in leadership positions? 
  I was HoMD owner for some time, but that doesn’t count, it was more like being a kindergarten teacher trying to entertain a group of schoolchildren to not kill themselves from boredom. I have been in many whitelists in the past and don’t remember most of them, but have been like ECM, HoEA, O5, and other ranks. However I have had more leadership experience in the real world, having managed actual real people,  though since I don’t want my social security number and full legal name leaked I can’t name them.

Rate your RP Skills on a scale of 1-10: Very subjective, the server has been down for a long time so I haven’t had anywhere to RP. I would say I have grown as a person over that time however so probably I am better than I was in the past, maybe like a 7 or 8.
Rate your communication skills from 1-10: Once again, subjective and very much depending on who you are communicating with and in what situations and circumstances. Like a 7 or 8.

What do you expect to do while being apart of management if you are accepted? 
Make SD great again? What do you think I expect to do? I know I will have to do spreadsheets, give opinions on applications, and deal with meetings. But that’s like basic pre-packaged manager stuff. 
  In all actuality I would like to make Site Director a more free and creative experience for the player, and force them to use that freedom, and do the things a manager is supposed to do. Too many times have I seen SD’s sit in EZ Big for HOURS doing nothing but tell Nu-7 to respond to a hack, why thank you Mr. Obvious cause everyone already knows due to the blaring beeping noise. They are called a DIRECTOR and they MANAGE a site for a reason, and most of the time, at least in the past, they would perform the bare minimum of the responsibilities such a title would offer. Make meetings, have inspections, change policies, enforce loyalty, fire people, start a witch hunt, now that O5’s are gone they can literally do anything on the site, and that is what I want to make sure they all realise.

What additional information would you like to share? I just started ranting and couldn’t stop.

Bing bong blan bind bin bo go bi b 




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tbh like you said owning homd doesnt really prepare you for managing a job like sd but considering you've played leadership jobs before and claim to have irl management experience i don't think you'd do bad either, apps decent too, i think you'll do fine.

valdis romeo

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