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Story for your event: Enemies has been spotted and have been hostile on a civilized planet, and causeing havoc. The Republic have been asked for assistance from the planet. Jedi's have felt a bad presence on the planet which lets them to know that there are bad activities going on. 
After flying towards the fighting plant, the CE is met with heavy fire from CIS Droid fighter jets, which the deal with meanwhile the LAAT's land and clears out the first wave of CIS droids. They clear it out and setup a temporary base which gets attacked, and the clones needs to clear out before moving out. The Jedi's senses danger and moves quickly over there and fights the Siths who were planning further destruction of this planet. Meanwhile the clones cleared out the droids and sends fighters towards an outpost, they patrol towards the outpost but gets in a sudden ambush but Droids and Commando Droids. Clones setups barricades and protection and fights off the droids. They move towards the Outpost where they find lots of enemies mostly based on strong commandos and droideka's. They fight a tough battle but still manages to get through. The push further inside to find a high ranking CIS member that they arrest and put into questioning and finds more intel on more outpost and larger bases located around the planet (which could be link to more lore into that story)


Event Announcement for your story:
CIS have taken over a civil planet! 
They are asking for US the republic to save them, quickly join in to save these helpless people! Gather up you're men and fight these ruthless non-living droids! They are currently killing innocent people and taking them hostage safe these helpless souls and fight as team and show no mecry towards these CLANKERS! They need YOU and YOU'RE TEAM! GET ON!


Choice of map:
Thinking genosis and the new ice ish map
But i need to look for some open maps where walking some distances are able.


Type of enemies/faction, Why them in particular?:
I were think CIS droids and so on, because they are ussually the most shown bad guys, but with my story it makes it easy for deathwatch or other hostile merchants to be the primary enemy since the like a plant invade.

Additional Characters:
Cad bane, Deathwatch leaders, CIS leaders.

Republic's outline and execution:
First of the get the distress signal/ a report from a friendly planet about the planet invade. The Republic sends out their LAAT's and ships and fighter jets. They land on the ground and almost instantly gets fired upon where they need to either build barricades or it could be in a already made base that  they have to clear out. Then shortly before they move out they get attacked from the front or mountains where they well fight them off and move out. after some walking they'll be in a heavy fight with NPC's and EC's and afterwards they'll move on. Then to add to the story can could find a house of some sort and find a civil who can lead them into an ambush or an attack beacause of a misslead and gets in another fight. Then after the fight they'll arrive to the main base and fight off the enemies and the heavy fire, into the main base and clears it out and finds a hgih value CIS/Deathwatch/Cartel Member.

Event Character outline and execution:
They'll prepare on mountains/hills/ around the suposed base or quickly setup outpost, then they'll start shooting and hopefully cause some stress between the clones and after they have been fought off the be set in the front and march towards the base just before they think its clear. After that fight they'll go ahead and setup for the first ambush and ofc start shooting when the clones arrive. after that fight an EC will be an civil who have been told to say that they have walk a wrong way to get ambushed yet again but get fought off then setup the primary CIS base where when then clones have fought through the most of the defenses then a rayshield will show a high value leader from any enemy faction which the CE will turn off and fight the few enemies left and take the high value enemy hostage which will exposed many outpost and base locations
(i forgot this in the application, sorry)

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Detailed both Republic & EC's outlines & story
No warnings

The story seems a bit rushed
Doesn't meet playtime requirements
The <<Responsabilities of an EP>> question could be better answered

Good luck!

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After going through your application, Event Management as well as the Senior EP team would like to invite you to an Interview.
Please contact a member of Event Managment for your interview

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