Tyler Kelley

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RP Name: Tyler Kelley
Steam Name: [MTF- E11] Not Kingel
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:211902533
Playtime and Level (5 days and level 50 minimum): 1 week 1 day and 16 hours, level 50.
Warns: 8 warns
 What is the Department of External Affairs?: They take care of any traces of SCPs and take care of people that know to much about the foundation in that area. They also do enlistments of D class and other personnel. The DEA is in the front line of taking care of employees and eliminating any sort of knowledge about the SCP foundation.
Who is the Head of External Affairs?: He is the leader of DEAAs and field agents on the site. He takes care of the security of the site both to protect any SCPs being stolen and any information leaks to the public. He also deals with any hostile GOIs which he gets information from like how do the GOI members look and can convert them into employees ( Sigma-66 and Omega-12) with his nanite explosive inserter.
What is a GOI?: A GOI is a group who seeks to get SCPs for their own interest. Some to weaponize them and use them as they wish(CI), some for their own religious use (sarkics and CoTBG), some just for profit ( Chicago spirit) and some to protect humanity ( SCP foundation). Most them are hostile and dangerous to the foundation as they can leak information of the foundation or just end the world.
Who does the HoEA anwser to?: HoEA answers to any GOIs expected to raid or to take care if any GOIs raid for example take one as hostage to get info on them. If someone on the surface knows to much on the SCPs for example a reporter who can leak info to the public. Talk with the SD or O-5 on any raids and give them information that you got from captured GOIs.
What are the duties of a HoEA?: My duties are to take care of the foundation not getting any SCPs stolen, to get information on other GOIs, to recruit people/convert GOIs to work for the foundation, eliminate any information on the surface( contact DEAAs and field agents) and keep the foundation going while nobody has enough info about it to screw as up.
What is MTF Sigma-66 and Omega-12? They are converted GOIs who have been given amnestics and planted nanite explosive insterter on their necks. HoEA has control over them and they work for the foundation.
Describe the SCP Foundation as a GOI: The foundation doesn't seek SCPs for their own use rather to contain them protect humanity from them and research them. They look for anomalies on the surface and take them to the foundation where they are kept safe from the outer world.
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