1048 Application

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State your current/most common RP Name: 

Americano Doggo

State your current Steam Username: 

Roasted Beef

Provide your SteamID: 


State your current in game level(Level 30 required, exceptions can be made): 

Level 50

State your current in game rank (User,VIP,Gold VIP etc.) 

Gold VIP

State your current playtime in game (2 days required, exceptions can be made): 

3 weeks and 2 days.

How many warnings do you have?(15 warns is the limit, exceptions can be made)You MUST PROVIDE A SCREENSHOT: 

13 warnings, the last one I believe was in march this year, here is a screen-shot of my current warnings

Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP? (1 sentence is not an answer.): 

Yes, I understand all of the rules as I have read them, I will provide a list here.

1. Don't RDM, RDM is where you kill a player with no RP reason stated.

2. Don't Propkill, like RDM, but you use a prop instead of killing them with a weapon.

3. Don't Propsurf, Propsurfing is where you use a prop to get to an area, or generally just to 'fly'

4. Don't LTAP, LTAP is where you leave to avoid getting a punishment.

Do you understand the basics of 1048? (1 sentence is not an answer.): 

Yes, I do, 1048 provides a huge amount of fun and roleplay to use, it's also not just a job for taking ears, it also plays a very heavy role in passiveRP, I understand this due to the fact I used to have the wl [I was in this job previously before the purge]

Do you understand that PassiveRP is very important in this job and why?: PassiveRP is very important due to the fact you don't just take ears, you also interact with foundation personnel and show them what you desire, and generally interaction.


Do you understand the rules of SCP-1048, and are you willing to follow them at all times?(1 sentence is not an answer): 

Yes, I understand the rules at all times considering the fact I have previously had the whitelist as stated and I promise to follow them no matter what situation I am in at all.

Describe how SCP-1048 should act with and around Foundation Personnel: 

Playful, and quite friendly, as it does not pose a threat unless in a room with 1 person crouching down willingly allowing you to take their ear.

Describe what SCP-1048 does: 

SCP-1048 usually wanders around in its containment cell, otherwise when breached goes around the facility interacting with foundation personnel, and possibly taking ears from people.

A GOI has breached you out of containment and take you to Gate A, they tell you to come with them, what do you do?: 

Call an admin, then ask if I can leave, if said no, I will walk away, if said yes, I will follow the GOI.

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The application seems pretty good and you do know the rules.

Now your warns are kind of a problem and they don't seem like accidents either.

Haven't really seen you myself, but maybe I haven't played at the same time as you.



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