Unwarn Appeal 2

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Your name in-game: Lunar Colony

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:43028249

Admins' name that warned you: Valyy/Borat

Admin's steamID: STEAM_0:0:43028249

Why did you get unwarned?: Fail RP | Shooting SCP-999

Evidence(Un-necessary): None, but Bread/Hanz admits he Stunsticked me. And tbh you don't need an evidence for it.

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: First of all I didn't know this server Serious-RP server and had harsh rules. Event Planners/Managers did serious events and Staff Members including Hierarchy didn't abuse their powers and was pretty strict. Anyway I asked something to Bread in LOOC, he stunsticked me to not deal with me, I shoot him with RPD, about 7 bullets and continued the RP. I think Borat was Watching us for no reason (which is against rules for staff, any staff should not spectate any players without a reason). And got warned, thats it.

Anything else?: I don't want getting Bread or Valyy punished by this, just my warn removed.

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everyone shoots 999 from time to time because the fucker gets in the way and no one complains because there is nothing to complain

also nice try


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Stolen from V6 Punishment list, + I got warned without getting in to the sit or getting verbaly warned about FAIL RP.

+ Shooting SCP-999 around 9 shots should considered as an warning first. If I unloaded all of the rounds of RPD ACR and Remington on Bread I could understand that. But shooting few shots shouldn't be considered "Warnable Offense".

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56 minutes ago, Borat Koslowski said:

I couldve given you a verbal, but looking back you did have more FailRP warns and you also were staff, you know better then this you know that.

Im not gonna respond anymore and wait for SMT to respond

1 Warn, given to me a Year and a Month ago, + it does not matter me being something. And When I was staff, Staff Team wasn't like this. They were better strict and didn't abuse their powers and if they did it they would be kicked unlike the new staff. And this kind of thing happening between players and staff would be only caren if: Staff or Player does not like it and make a sit about it. You engaged at me cause of you were annoyed of Willrick and B-1, but nobody in that room called a sit or messaged staff about this. If they actually were I would understand, but like I saied nobody did and you were just stalking/watching players for no reason and see me do it and warned me, without a verbal warning.

And since you are not Staff, you will give the same warn to a guy with 2 Warns or 30 Warns. Evan to Reserve Hierarchy (I banned Ash for MRDM and warned him 2 times), guy being old staff, staff, hierarchy doesn't mean anything. Everyone is players and they will be judged same. The Guy managing the server (Owner) Doesn't care about this cause he does whatever he wants, but that doesn't mean everyone should do it. I already argued a lot and drunk, I am going to bed




can I +1 my own suggestion?

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