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Avery Winters - O5 Application

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Your In-Game Name: Avery Winters     

Your Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:87998391

Your Age: 19      

Your In-Game Playtime: 1 week 2 days      

Your amount of warnings (15 Warnings max):  1 Warning in 21-11-2019 for FailRP


Rate your roleplaying skills: Above average, i’d say.




What would you like your O5 Designation to be?:


[Please Note!] : I have a custom story arc related to my server character “Avery Winters” however I am willing to play an established O5 Council member.


1)  O5-12:  “The Hanged Man”, or “The Tower” (A story arc for the character “Avery Winters”)


Link to the story arc : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IAKHWeO9RxAj6XQbOAxzPNyO_bJRPkhbHd4Uf1WLEUM/edit?usp=sharing


2)   O5-8: "The Newbie", or "The Lesser"




Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions):


I further elaborate on why I want to be part of the Council in the final question. A short synopsis is that I think of events during roleplay like a full chain with each link added on by a person. I believe what I can bring to the table is my writing skills. To harness my creativity in creating situations or resolving situations. An example of my writing skills can be seen in the custom story arc I've written for my personal character.


I do acknowledge that having only 9 days of playtime on the server compared weeks from what i can tell from other successful O5 applicants. However I believe my time on ISD and as CI Infiltrator has given me enough insight on the server as a whole.  I practically know how most job functions and how GOIs interact with each other.  


Regarding “Pressure in extreme situations and making the tough decisions”. This can be answered in one statement. 


Time. It may be against us but you can count it and use it. If there wasn’t any time at all (mostly in range of 3 seconds) then the decision was that “you couldn’t make a decision in time as it wasn’t humanly possible to do so”. It now boils down to how you use that time. How do you gain critical info in a timely manner? How to coordinate a solution or test a theory to confirm it? It can then be boiled to individual skill sets such as time management, stress resistance and logical thinking.


Now i won’t claim to be the best at any particular skill set but given let's say nine years on working with these skill sets. I would at least possess a great deal of insight on these skill sets. 




How many O5 Council Members are there in the SCP universe that are known but not on record?:


The widespread acceptance is that there are 13 designations with minor distinctions and that it is a council to begin with.  Notably, O5-13 is considered to be a “person” that acts as a tiebreaker however that person doesn’t exist. It is a tool that is rotated across its members to give the illusion of a thirteen individual that breaks stalemates. 

There is a veil of secrecy around the members and the numbers of said members. To prevent it from becoming a cutthroat bloodbath. As to identify a member would be to allow a possible forceful removal of one of the thirteenth seats of power. Plus the fluidic nature of lore plus disinformation.   


Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site administration?:


“No man rules alone” - Quote from CGP Grey “The Rules for Rulers” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rStL7niR7gs


Hierarchy is important as one person cannot do everything. Even for the rare unicorns that are multi-talented that sometimes appear in the world. They are still one person with two hands and one mind. One person generally is specialised in one field (perhaps two, or even three). This is why we have multiple internal departments (See under: http://www.scp-wiki.net/list-of-foundation-s-internal-departments). The O5 Council are the visionaries that set the goals and targets for the Foundation. They are at the front of line that pave the path on how they achieve the mission statement.  From making final decisions on greater anomalies that have a large scale affect. To resolve issues that threaten the mission statement of the corporation as whole.


The Site Director differs as they hold the position to “direct a site”. It can easily be boiled down that the Site Director purpose is to run the site whilst the O5 Council is instructing them on how to run it. Comparable to a shopping chain (like ASDAs or Sainburys or whatever shopping chain). The Regional Manager (comparable to a Site Director) is to run a shop ensuring that they are selling goods to the customers.  The CEOs at the top (comparable to the O5 Council) tell the Regional Manager how to run it by setting prices so that they may compete with other shops and drawing up a uniform policy so that they may maintain the shop’s brand.


Explain what makes you special:


I suppose my perception and drive for roleplay. I would also add on my skill as a writer although that can be subjective. What i do believe that makes me special is my background in roleplay as it allowed me to hone my charisma and wit. Natural skills for a leader. That and my acting skills. I have proven that I can show investment in a character as demonstrated with my custom story arc. Lastly, a good leader should always know his limits. What I can't and definitely is unable to do. In those cases, I would seek council on those that can make up for my shortcomings.  


How do you initiate a nuke?:


Getting the out-of-character answer out of the way, they seem to be triggered by event staff therefore I will have to get permission from them. For the roleplay answer, it depends on the situation and a variety of factors. After any number attempts to avoid the nuclear option. I present two cases.


If we are detonating a nuclear warhead on the surface targeting the Citizens of Ovis City. A plan will be drawn up where Alpha-1 will be tasked to insert the nuke within the center of the city. This ensures the maximum damage as a warhead flying over the city is detectable and gives time to the citizens. Ensuring that wireless operation is functional. The two activators as nuclear systems are usually armed and detonated with two operators ensure correct usage will have their respective launch codes transmitted or given to them. After getting the confirmation that Alpha-1 has been extracted. The nuke will be armed and detonated.


If the Alpha Warhead under the site is detonated. A call for Critical Foundation personnel to be summoned to the Entrance Zone then taken to the surface will be made. This disguises it as an Evacuation Order to prevent panic. Again, two operators will arm and start the countdown for the detonation of the warhead. This is by entering the Nuclear Room under Entrance Zone with a Clearance 5 card. Then an Evacuation Order will be made for all personnel to evacuate the site. HCZ and LCZ will be sealed in order to prevent SCP breaches.


In the final minutes of the countdown, a remote speech transmitted down the announcement system will be made either by the Site Director or Myself. In which I offer my condolences and thank any of those trapped in HCZ and LCZ for their services.        


What are the rules a O5 Council member has to follow?: 


  • Maintain a false identity, only Alpha-1 can know your identity. They will help enforce the false identity. Which is that I will pose as a Site Advisor.
  • Maintain the chain of command. The Site Director is still directing the site, until he stops directing it. Then step in.  
  • O5 isn’t above the server administration and even misconduct themselves. A king can still be impeached plus demotions require a valid reason.
  • O5 are deemed Class A Personnel therefore shouldn’t be in hazardous areas such as HCZ/LCZ. They should also be attended by an armed escort at most times.
  • Logically he should strive for solutions that maximise resources and minimise losses. However he should accept the human element and be willing to accept counsel from others. 


Why would you like to role play as an O5?:


Take an example situation, I think of events like a long chain with each link added on by a person. Take a simple containment breach. 173 breaches, kills a bunch of security personnel, then is recontained by E-11, end of chain.


But people are free to add onto this chain. Instead 173 breaches but due to CI infiltrators, it goes onto to kill a bunch of security personnel, ISD identify one of the CI infiltrators as a security guard, This causes an internal crisis causing Security Department to fire on each other, CI free more SCPs, multiple MTFs tries to restore order but sustain heavy casualties from both hostile Security on site and SCPs, The O5s ponder the nuclear option but settle for the daring option to terminate all security guards regardless of loyalty, Epilsion-11 recontain the SCPs and Nu-7 capture a few CIs, O5s find out that the Site Director was in on the breach and he was purged, Security is tightened on the Foundation as whole with ISD having a field day. End of Chain


Now focus on “The O5s ponder the nuclear option but settle for the daring option to terminate all security guards regardless of loyalty”. What if they detonated the nuke. They wouldn't have found out that the Site Director was in on it if he had been blown up. The value of an O5 is that they are often the starts or ends of chains. Think of it the other way around.


After the Security Protocols enacted by the O5, Personnel view the measures as a whole to be invasive, The Ethics Committee weigh in on it calling the measures invasive, This leads to a back an… You get the picture.


For me, I want to be more involved and to be given a chance to add to the roleplay of this community. Jobs have their purposes.  I personally enjoy playing the jobs with hidden agendas. Which is why seized opportunities when tryouts for ISD and CI Infiltrators came up. Which led to me maintaining whitelisting for these positions.


I enjoyed these positions, roleplaying as the man with hidden intentions.    


Closing Statement:


I end with saying that I have not been seen much on Foundation Administration. Therefore I will be no lifeing on Site Advisor (mostly) and Site Director (if possible) to demonstrate my administrative capabilities. 


I thank all those who have read to the end and accept any forms of criticism. 



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[ + 1 ]

You have been an excelent example of a Site Administartion and what they should be doing.

I 100% Support your application as i feel you have what it takes to become a O5 Member.


Best of Luck

Alpha-1 Agent Olympus
Joe Swaanson

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