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HoEA application

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RP Name: George Mcfly

Steam Name: SonyRoiko

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:39684331

Playtime and Level (5 days and level 50 minimum): 1 week 1 day 14 hours    , level 50.

Warns: 0



What is the Department of External Affairs?: The Department of external affairs conceals or rather hides the foundation from the public or in this case the surface. It is tasked with removing/securing any anomalies on the surface or handling with any people that know to much about the foundation existing and are a threat to the foundations secrecy. Its purpose is also to deal with any GOI related stuff such as trying to get their information and that but its main purpose is keeping the foundation a secret and removing any evidence of its existence so nobody interferes with the foundation.

Who is the Head of External Affairs?: He is deployed on site to look over Department of External Affairs agents and command FAs. Although commanding is a part of his job but he handles relations with GOIs either be negotiating for their status or trying to get information on them such as their uniforms, their base location and if there are any units still on site. The HoEA can also recruit those said GOIs to become Sigma-66 there can only be 3 Sigma-66 on site and he uses them to the sites advantage, he also can recruit anomalies those become Omega-12 but he needs to be carefull who he chooses so they don't rebel and if he doesn't need them he can either kill them or explode them.

What is a GOI?: A GOI is a group or religion seeking to use or pray to the anomalous. Foundation is a GOI on its own because they secure and research anomalies. Some more larger and dangerous or maybe helpfull GOIs are the GOC(they are looking to destroy and kill all anomalous entities), CI(they want to use anomalies so they can build a utopian future where humanity rules over all, but in fact they are a terrorist group who utilise/weaponizes these anomalies to their advantage over the foundation), MC and D or TCS ( they are two groups who only want profit and are willing to sell these anomalies for money lots of it, they use some but most of them are there for the profit), Sarkic cults ( they want to worshipp flesh anomalies and use them to prepare the world for the upcoming of Yaldabaoth their preferred anomaly is SCP-610 known as the flesh that hates), Church of The Broken God (they worshipp mechanical anomalies or use them to rebuild their diety who has been broken in the war of the flesh, the group uses anomalous tech parts and is in possesion of most of them) and the SCP foundation (they are looking to contain and secure these anomalies for research and to keep the world not knowing of their existence).

Who does the HoEA anwser to?: The HoEA answers to the O5 council but SD has permission over him so if there is no O5 on site he answers to the SD.

What are the duties of a HoEA?: He is there to command his field agents and also his DOEA agents to succesfully hide the site at that area. He uses the FAs to bring anomalies to the site that would otherwise be a potential information leak to the public and would reveal the site. He also deals with GOIs, especially gathering intel on them and dealing with relations amongst them, he uses his FAs if there is no other work to locate their bases or their identities. Sometimes he plans raids on GOIs like I said he uses FAs to gather intel, he then distributes this intel to the SD who in return prepares the MTF for a raid, the raid is only neccesary if the foundation need to retaliate such as raid back or the GOI is in possesion of a dangerous anomaly.

What is MTF Sigma-66 and Omega-12? MTF Sigma-66 are captured GOIs converted/recruited to work for the site, he can only have 3 of them at once and must convert them with them being cuffed and them answering willfully and not him forcing them as this will probably make that person more likely to rebel and needed to be put down. MTF Omega-12 is a MTF team made up off captured anomalies, that can be used for foundation, he can only have 2 of this units on site and the same time. The units cannot craft any anomalous grenades without the perms of the O5 these grenades are the 008, cryo ect. But he can still craft normal grenades. He can detonate his nanite explosives at any given time if he wants to get rid of these units but if he wants 1 unit dead he needs to kill him himself or by ordering a nearby MTF unit.

Describe the SCP Foundation as a GOI: The foundation is a GOI because they want the anomalous to be kept from the public and not be revealed. They capture different anomalies and secure them in CCs for them to be researched as are they dangerous, how to contain them and what do they do. It is the largest and houses many different anomalies.

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