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Your In-Game Name: Dr William Blake

Your Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:155767880


Your Age: 14


Your In-Game Playtime: 3 days 21 hours 34 mins 7 secs


Your amount of warnings (15 Warnings max): 0


Rate your roleplaying skills: I believe that I am a 7/10 roleplayer





What would you like your O5 Designation to be?:  O5-7 "Green"


(300 to 350 words)

Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions): I do believe I should be a part of the O5 council because I will always do my job to the best of my abilities, I usually play administrative roles such as Site Director and Site Advisor and trust that I do well at that role thus making me good at O5 considering it is also an administrative role, as well as this, I can do well in extreme situations, such as SCP breaches, because I can keep calm and think about what I should do in said extreme situations. I have also made many tough decisions when I play as Site Director, such as ordering the termination of an SCP during a bad situation (i.e, a breach) and due to those situations tending to go well, I accept that I would be good at making tough decisions. I also think that I would be a good asset to the O5 council because I try to be a good role player (basically not being minge), therefore I think I could make my role as O5 fun to other players around me because I'm not trolling them and am actually trying to make the situation fun, I also like to read the SCP Wiki so I think I know a lot about lore and what I'm actually meant to do, next I know that I am confident and will be able to show a display of self assurance when I'm roleplaying which can be good in extreme situations and making tough decisions. I hope that everything I have said here makes you think that I would be good for the role of O5 and hope that I am picked, besides having only a slight reputation within the SCPRP community, I am actually quite assured that having a small reputation is my only weakness, but again I hope you pick me for O5.


(100 to 150 words)

How many O5 Council Members are their in the SCP universe that are known but not on record?: There is 13 O5 council members on record, however each O5 has a different type, or story if you will, (e.g O5-2 "The Nazarene" is a Female of Middle Eastern Descent, but O5-2 "The Gardener" is a female of European descent). There is 3 Female O5's and 7 Male O5's, O5-13 doesn't exist although, "Memos are made in his 05-13's name but O5-13 exists only as a tiebreaker vote." Some of the O5's have powers, for example O5-2 "The Nazarene" allegedly has "various reality-bending capabilities". Surely O5's who have anomalous powers should be considered anomalies, but who knows, maybe this O5 doesn't even exist.


(300 words)

Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Adminstration?: The O5 are the "Overwatch" of the foundation, they have entire control over the foundation and they know "almost everything single secret the foundation holds", as well as this, Clearance level 2 has no idea what the O5 are, some people outside the foundation don't even think the O5 council is real, or they simply do not believe in them. Furthermore the O5 council has their own Mobile Task Force MTF Alpha-01, it is said that the O5 tend to keep an eye on Keter objects and apparently micro-manage Thaumiels, they also dictate the goals of the foundation. Of course the O5's have to make some large decisions, (fairly obvious considering how high a rank they are,) some of these "big decisions" involve choosing to set off the warhead, I believe, which blows up the whole site and if I'm not mistaken it's surrounding area! Which is quite obviously a catastrophically large decision as well as this the O5 may have to make the decision of if I'm not wrong deciding the termination of an SCP. The O5's are also tasked with supervising the Site Directors and Department Heads to make sure that they are running the site, and their departments properly, because if they weren't doing things properly then who knows what could happen! Importantly, the O5 council makes sure that the foundation stays secret and that nobody, who isn't currently working within the foundation, finds out about anything that happens inside, otherwise the consequences would be catastrophically bad, for example, a picture of SCP 096 could be released by a reporter, and could result in a K Class scenario (world ending scenario.) To summarise the O5 is meant to oversee the entire foundation and make sure that the administration and Head of Departments and all things alike are doing their jobs they also have to make difficult decisions.


(150 words)

Explain what makes you special: I don't think I'm special compared to other people, but I do believe I have a lot of skills which make me a good candidate for this job, for example, I can keep my head when things are heated and will attempt to control a bad situation and come up with the best way to deal with said bad situation, as well as this I believe I am a likeable and friendly person and that I can get on with other people which I believe is an important thing, because it will make people easier to speak with and boost morale, I also try to roleplay to the best of my abilities so that everyone around me can have a good time, Finally I believe that to play as such a high rank within any community, you should be fair, and I always try to be fair by getting to the bottom of things and working out a solution on how to fix these problems fairly.


( No Word Requirement)

How do you initiate a nuke?: From what I understand, you must first enter the room which holds the nuke which requires a Level 5 Clearance card, you must then walk to a red button in the middle of the room and press it, the nuke should only be used in dire situations, one such reason is a Mass Breach. (the only time I've ever actually seen the nuke is when I'm exploring in a singleplayer lobby and that's what I gathered from the room)


( No Word Requirement)

What are the rules a O5 Council member has to follow?: 

The O5's must stay away from anomalous objects, not put themselves in hostile situation, for example they can't intentionally fight a CI during raids, and the O5 should never reveal their identity to anyone. All of this is to ensure that the O5 does not die as they are simply not replaceable as no one has their set skills. (This is what I currently know are O5 rules)

( No Word Requirement)

Why would you like to role play as an O5?: I firstly want to play O5 because I think it would be fun to play as the boss of the facility, but on a more serious note I don't like it when people purposefully troll others, in fact I hate it and I want everyone who play SCPRP to have fun and not have their experience ruined by a troller who is only there to ruin other peoples fun.

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I have personally not seen you in-game

I have personally not seen you play Site Administration

I'm not quite with your playtime here yet. I would maybe try and get a week or so in before you attempt to apply again. 

Best of luck! -Viktor

Viktor Svetsken

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first of all u dont even have 4 Days of playtime and i mean u play often as SD so i know u but ur not well known in the server like me with 2 days but get a good reputation then Reapply but  i hope u will get the spot cause u could be an actually good O5

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Updating my previous post.

This user has been seen around quite a bit, He doesnt take this too much as a game, he deals with it as if it were real life, yes he could grasp things a little more like controlling the Site Advisors when they are in the CC of a breached SCPa lil more, but in general he gets down onto the situation quite fast as soon as he learns about it. I recommend moving forward with "The Vote" if "The people" see fit.


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(We Felt as though you still weren't involved enough in the Community and that's a critically needed as you will be making important decision and without knowing about the current situations will just prevent you from being actual O5.)


Re-apply once you hit the 7 days and feel as though that are known and understand what happening in the community well enough.

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