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So first of all Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 "The Red Right Hand" seems like a Personal Bodyguard to O5. And as a Subgroup. Just go to the Mobile Task Force Wiki Page, scroll down to MTF Alpha-1, and you won't see a "Bodyguard" or "Guard" or or or "Protection" in these sentences. Only thing you can see about Overseer Council or O5 is: "Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 is a Task Force which directly reports to O5 Council-".

What is my Suggestion then?

Let Alpha-1 be a Normal Original Group.

What will it do anything to A-1?

Making it a normal group, this means Management will have full acsess.

Group won't be better armed Nu-7 or Combat Medic Clearance Level 4.

Group won't sit near O5 and handle the personal guard ALL THE TIME.

Group won't have basic Rankings.

Having their own Discord and not connected to O5 Council Discord (Reps will have acsess to most of the channels).

It will remove the all "Protect O5" or be Nu-7 Respond to Raids/Hacks thing.

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suggestion doesnt do shit lol, just makes communication difficult and nerfs the group (which is actually relatively balanced surprisingly)

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"and you won't see a "Bodyguard" or "Guard" or or or "Protection" in these sentences." - maybe , just maybe, if you would look into the actions reports linked there ..... you would have seen those terms.

Also this doesn't even have anything useful in it at all, just "oh yes change this",which does not help in the slighest.

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