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Just an idea which would allow multiple sims to happen at once in a better fashion. Sometimes when one sim sets a spawn it can cause issues in others. Plus you would be able to have more variaton in Sims with 4 different teams taking part making it easier to give out equipment and what not. 

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why not cant be that hard

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use template fool plus this idea is OK can be avoided by staff using models however due to the number of different sims going on sim spawns can be fucking annoying so i would say +1 but due to the non urgency its probs  gonna get denied

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+1 Would be extremely helpful and would also make sims involving more than two teams much easier. But like silent said its not very urgent so it may be denied.

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Although i like the idea and it wouldnt be too hard to do, Staff can just set their colours to a different one to differenciate the teams, i wouldnt mind this suggestion being accepted but i find it kind of unneccesary.


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