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N⃨a⃨m⃨e⃨:⃨ ⃨K⃨h⃨a⃨i⃨
T⃨S⃨ U⃨n⃨i⃨q⃨u⃨e⃨ I⃨D⃨ [⃨T⃨o⃨o⃨l⃨s⃨ -⃨>⃨ I⃨d⃨e⃨n⃨t⃨i⃨t⃨i⃨e⃨s⃨ -⃨>⃨ G⃨o⃨ A⃨d⃨v⃨a⃨n⃨c⃨e⃨d⃨]⃨:⃨ D⃨M⃨ m⃨e⃨ o⃨n⃨ D⃨i⃨s⃨c⃨o⃨r⃨d⃨ a⃨s⃨ I⃨'⃨d⃨ r⃨a⃨t⃨h⃨e⃨r⃨ n⃨o⃨t⃨ s⃨h⃨a⃨r⃨e⃨ p⃨e⃨r⃨s⃨o⃨n⃨a⃨l⃨ i⃨n⃨f⃨o⃨ ;⃨(⃨
R⃨e⃨q⃨u⃨e⃨s⃨t⃨e⃨d⃨ M⃨e⃨d⃨a⃨l⃨:⃨ L⃨o⃨y⃨a⃨l⃨t⃨y⃨ A⃨w⃨a⃨r⃨d⃨
E⃨v⃨i⃨d⃨e⃨n⃨c⃨e⃨:⃨ M⃨e⃨
E⃨x⃨t⃨r⃨a⃨ I⃨n⃨f⃨o⃨r⃨m⃨a⃨t⃨i⃨o⃨n⃨:⃨ I⃨ h⃨a⃨v⃨e⃨ b⃨e⃨e⃨n⃨ a⃨ l⃨o⃨y⃨a⃨l⃨ a⃨n⃨d⃨ d⃨e⃨d⃨i⃨c⃨a⃨t⃨e⃨d⃨ m⃨e⃨m⃨b⃨e⃨r⃨ o⃨f⃨ t⃨h⃨i⃨s⃨ c⃨o⃨m⃨m⃨u⃨n⃨i⃨t⃨y⃨ e⃨v⃨e⃨r⃨ s⃨i⃨n⃨c⃨e⃨ I⃨ f⃨i⃨r⃨s⃨t⃨ j⃨o⃨i⃨n⃨e⃨d⃨ i⃨n⃨ t⃨h⃨e⃨ s⃨u⃨m⃨m⃨e⃨r⃨ o⃨f⃨ '⃨6⃨9⃨!⃨ S⃨o⃨r⃨r⃨y⃨ I⃨ h⃨a⃨v⃨e⃨ a⃨ h⃨a⃨b⃨i⃨t⃨ o⃨f⃨ b⃨r⃨e⃨a⃨k⃨i⃨n⃨g⃨ i⃨n⃨t⃨o⃨ s⃨o⃨n⃨g⃨ u⃨w⃨u⃨.⃨ I⃨ j⃨o⃨i⃨n⃨e⃨d⃨ q⃨u⃨i⃨t⃨e⃨ a⃨ w⃨h⃨i⃨l⃨e⃨ a⃨g⃨o⃨ a⃨n⃨d⃨ I⃨ a⃨m⃨ v⃨e⃨r⃨y⃨ l⃨o⃨y⃨a⃨l⃨ a⃨n⃨d⃨ w⃨o⃨u⃨l⃨d⃨ n⃨e⃨v⃨e⃨r⃨ p⃨l⃨a⃨y⃨ L⃨y⃨c⃨a⃨n⃨ s⃨o⃨ g⃨i⃨v⃨e⃨ m⃨e⃨ m⃨y⃨ m⃨e⃨d⃨a⃨l⃨.⃨ I⃨f⃨ T⃨o⃨m⃨ '⃨F⃨a⃨t⃨'⃨ A⃨g⃨e⃨n⃨ g⃨e⃨t⃨s⃨ i⃨t⃨ w⃨h⃨y⃨ n⃨o⃨t⃨ m⃨e⃨?⃨

p⃨.⃨S⃨.⃨ i⃨ L⃨o⃨v⃨e⃨ y⃨o⃨u⃨ a⃨U⃨s⃨t⃨e⃨r⃨!⃨v⃨

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Well Typical Unnecessary Shit Post for the Memes, Loyalty Awards are issued by Syn or Harland, so I mean if he issues the award so be it but I mean this is denied and locked for obvious reasons as this is simply over the top and not needed. 


Permission to Handle these Requests Granted by Syn.

Current Ranks Within Werewolf Gaming

Staff Ranks

Community Co-Founder

In Character Ranks

[CWRP] Wookie Chieftain - Chieftain Tom

 [HL-RP] CIU Deputy Director & CAO for the Speaker's Office of the Assembly

Misc. Ranks

[CWRP][ICRP][SCP], [HL-RP] Security Staff, Diamond VIP on All Rust Servers


Past Ranks Within Werewolf Gaming

Staff Ranks


Community Management [Community Manager - Co-Founder [06/05/2021 - 14/08/2021, 14/08/2021 - ]


SMT [Staff Manager - Server Manager] [21/12/2019 - 27/12/2020, 27/12/2020 - 11/04/2021, 11/04/2021 - 06/05/2021]

Event Manager [07/09/2019 - 21/12/2019]

SMT [Head Mod - Administrator] [May - July 2019]

Event Manager [February - May 2019]

Member of WG Staff Team [05/09/2018 - 

In Character Ranks


Reichsleiter u. Chef der Parteikanzlei,

Gauleiter von Gau Groß Berlin,

Höherer SS- und Polizeiführer [SS-Obergruppenführer],

SS-Oberführer und Oberst der Berliner Polizei, --> SS-Oberführer des Reichssicherheitshauptamt, --> SS-Oberführer und Verwaltungsinpektor,

SS-Obersturmführer des Verwaltungsamt,

SS-Obersturmführer des Sicherheitsdienst,

NSDAP Hauptdienstleiter,

Gauleiter von Gau Groß Berlin,

SS-Gruppenführer des Oberabschnitt 'Spree' und Generalleutnant der Polizei,

SS-Oberführer des Reichssicherheitshauptamt,

SS-Sturmbannfüuhrer des Sicherheitsdienst & [Temporary 7.SS Unter/Ober/Hauptsturmführer during time in SD],

Stellvertretender Direktor der Propaganda,

SS-Hauptscharführer [1.SS],

SS-Oberscharführer [7.SS].


CG Colonel x3

Wookie Chieftain


Civil Industrial Union Deputy Director & CFU Business Co-Owner



Past Ranks & Accomplishments Within Werewolf Gaming

Creator of the TeamSpeak 3 Server [Permissions, Roles, Channels] x3,

Overseer of TeamSpeak 3 Medal Applications & Forum Rank Requests, 

The Guy that Bothers You About TeamSpeak Tags & Channels,

Spreadsheet Guy.


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