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Yo what's up , my Name is Justin i'm 18 years old and i'm from Germany / Croatia .

My English "is not the yellow froms the egg" but its enough to communicate normaly to people .

I hope this application isn't that bad because of my English .

Enjoy ❤️ 


Name : Justin


Steam ID :


InGame Name : Dimitry Hernandez


Age : 18


Play Time : Currently 4 days 3h



Yes Sure , im Platinium VIP


Do you have a Microphone ?

Yes i do . I have a Rode NT1A 


Do you have Teamspeak ?

Yes for sure


Why should we pick you ?

I think you should take me because I am generally very good with people. I can stay objective and act neutral.
Also, I've been involved with a lot of things on the server which can help me to help people better with things where they have problems.
I like to work on problems of others to improve them. That means of course that I always like to keep law and order.
What I have also noticed on the server is that many people still can't behave or they don't really understand the sense of a roleplay server. Because of my longtime experience in general roleplay I can also contribute very well and help the people. Many also meant to me I should apply to you to the team through my constant
activity on the server. In general you can say I am a very calm person who can take care of things neutrally. For example
if players are rude or unkind to me i can still tell the difference and don't take it as a direct attack against me.
Furthermore I don't act out of emotions and wouldn't give anybody a warn just for fun. Maybe some of the people on the server know me
than the one who does the parties. This has actually always helped players to come together and have a good time together. That has 
actually always worked out very well. And it is exactly such actions that I distinguish myself. I try not to act against the players but
build a stable community with the players. Hope you understand what I mean by that. I would be very happy if you would add me to your team 


How long will you be able to play per day ?

16 Hours minimum when nothing interrupt me . To this question i can add that im in holidays from 28.7.2020 to 19.8.2020.


Any past experience ass Stuff ? 

In Gmod not really but on other projects yes. For Example GTA Roleplay Servers , Own Servers in Gmod.


Any Warns ?

Yes i have 3 warns :

1 Warn was to much lights and to loud music . 2 Warn was breaking NLR and the 3 was RDM.  Im sorry for that.


Do you know the basic ULX commands :

Yes i know them good


Do you know what SCP-RP is about ?

The SCP Foundation is a web-based project for collaborative writing. The participating authors tell in fictionalized writings about the fields of activity of the SCP Foundation, which as an allegedly existing and internationally active secret organization is responsible for the containment and safekeeping of various anomalies. In a fictional universe, the SCP Foundation is an internationally operating secret organisation, which has been commissioned by various unspecified governments of the earth to secure, contain, protect and study anomalous or paranormal creatures, objects, places and phenomena, the so-called "SCPs", as they often pose a threat to humanity or to the human perception of reality and normality.

The SCP Foundation keeps the existence of the SCPs secret in order to prevent mass hysteria and the chaos that accompanies it and to allow human civilization to return to normality. If an SCP is discovered, the Foundation sends agents to secure the SCP and transport it to a Foundation facility, or to secure it locally if transport is not possible. Once an SCP is secured, it is examined by Foundation scientists. Prison inmates acquired by the Foundation, known as D-class personnel, are used to interact with dangerous SCPs because of their expendability.

The SCP Foundation produces documentation on all SCPs in its possession, which may also contain or refer to related follow-up reports and files. These documents each contain partially blackened descriptions of the SCPs and instructions for their safe handling.

Examples of secured SCPs

SCP-426 is a toaster that can only be reported in the first person.

SCP-294 is a coffee machine that is capable of dispensing anything that exists in liquid form.

SCP-055 is something that makes those who examine it forget its features, making it impossible to describe the object except by what it is not.

SCP-087 is a staircase that seems to go downhill indefinitely . The staircase houses SCP-087-1, which is described as a face without a mouth, pupils or nostrils.

SCP-1609 is mulch that teleports into the lungs of a person approaching in an aggressive form or wearing a uniform. Originally it was a peaceful chair that teleported to any nearby person who felt the need to sit down, but fell into its current aggressive stage after a rival organization threw it into a shredder.

SCP-108 is a Nazi bunker system, which is only accessible through a portal in the nose of a woman.

SCP-173 is a humanoid sculpture made of concrete and reinforcing steel with traces of Krylon brand spray paint. As long as it is looked at directly, it is immobile, but it attacks people with lethal intent as soon as it is unobserved - even when they blink.

SCP-1171 is a residential building with permanently fogged windows. It is possible to communicate by writing on the steamed-up windows with an extra-dimensional entity whose windows are also steamed up. This entity shows considerable hostility to humans, but does not know that the Foundation's employees are humans.


Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP ?

Yes i fully understand the rules of SCP-RP for example

RDM - If you kill someone for no reason its called RDM

MetaGaming - Its for example you press Tab and see oh theres a chaos in the facility lets go to him and shoot him , that's Meta Gaming

MicSpam - I think i don't need to explain that.

Fear RP - For example you got cuffed by a kidnapper and he points a gun at you , don't be stupid and run away or something just listen what he wants from you and do that what he wants.

NLR - (New Life Rule) When you die you have a timer of 5 min. Don't come back to the same position when you die

Than there are a few more like Hacking , Cheating ...... And so on


I hope my English was not that bad and i hope my app is detailed enough to become a Stuff Member . 

Have a Great  Time Guys 

Wish you all a great Day 🙂


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