Daniel Stones

Daniel Stones' 096 Whitelist Application

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RP Name: Daniel Stones

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:69929322

Playtime Required [ Must be 4 days or Above] : 5d 21h

In-Game Warnings [reasons and amount. type !warns in-game to find, must have fewer than 20 warnings. (exceptions can be made)]: I have no warnings.

Have you read the rules of SCP-RP, and do you understand them?:  Yes, I read the rules of SCP-RP.

Have you read the rules of SCP-096, and do you understand what you can and cannot do? Demonstrate your understanding*: As 096 I cannot do the following: I cannot go on a killing spree, even if someone encourages it, I can use my level 5 clearance card only to get to 096-1, I can't use it to forcefully open my chamber in any other circumstances. I cannot use the PAC3 camera to see through the door or through walls, and I have to sit down facing a wall or a corner when inside of my containment chamber. If I am roleplaying with a friend and he looks at my face, I must kill him even though he is my friend. I have to sit exactly where I killed 096-1, I must not try to move to catch people looking at my face. If someone breaches me intentionally, I must report him to an admin. I must be sure that someone looked at me before I chase them. I have to make sure I do not kill other people with my swep accidentally when I chase 096-1.

Are you able to play SCP-096 often when the job is not full, and give good RP to other players who encounter you?:  Yes,  I am able to play often and I can give good RP to other players that interact with me.

What is the Containment Procedure for SCP-096?*(Explain in full detail): SCP-096's Containment Chamber must not contain any video surveillance equipment. If it breaches its chamber in any way, any personnel except Containment units must leave the chamber while avoiding looking at its face. After that, Epsilon-11 or other Containment units must be called and they must enter the room facing away from 096. Then they must completely cover its face and use cuffs to deliver it to the containment chamber. Personnel recontaining 096 must be cautious so no other individuals remove the object covering its face.

During research, a Class D looks at your face and manages to escape the Containment Chamber, he runs towards the Entrance Zone. What is your course of action while chasing 096-1, and what do you do once you have killed them?*: After being sure he actually saw my face, I would chase while being careful so no other people will be killed on accident by my swep. When I reach his location, I will kill him and then sit down in the same spot and look down.

While chasing 096-1, you pass a researcher, Class D and a MTF unit who all look at your face accidentally. Once you kill the current 096-1, you go back and find them, then proceeding to kill them also. Is this good RP and why?*: It is good RP because in a document on the wiki, he first chased his current target ignoring the people that looked at him along the way. So as SCP-096 I should follow the behaviour described above.

If SCP-096 bag had come off or if some Escapee Class d ran past and grabbed it, as E-11 or CS would you chase the class d or proceed on to recontain SCP-096? *: I would send one unit to chase the Class D and I would call for backup to make sure 096 does not become angered again.

A GOI has managed to enter the facility, and they open your Containment Chamber to cuff you and take you out of the facility, one of them looks at your face but tells you it was an accident, and you can just ignore it. What should you do? Why?*: If I am sure that he looked that he looked at my face I am allowed to kill him even though he says it was an accident because as SCP-096 I am supposed to kill everyone that looks at me, whether it was an accident or not.

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i talked to u a few times in game now and ur actually a nice guy tho u have 5 days of playtime and Dont have any Evidence to show that u have 0 warns i can believe u but idk if the others can but i saw u actually wanna be a 096 but the last question if the GOI looks at your face ur not ALLOWED to kill him u NEED to kill him but defintly a +1

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