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Your In Game Name: Kinqu Kyle

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:191185039

Admin's you report name: Xunt/John Frige.

Admin's you report SteamID: STEAM_0:1:229514442

Why do you want him demoted?: Ok the story goes, Me and my friend Mike were selling drinks for off duty personel in LCZ because we wannet to chill and speak to some ppl as there was a low player count of  29 people, We were talking to a researcher when Xunt came and asked for IDs, we said no because it was not a CP but he kept going and asking us for ID and we kept saying no, then xunt came out with another great meta saying that us having balaclava is susp wich was tottal bullshit because Security and MTF also have thoese,then a very very nice HOS run in said something but noone understanded and proceeded to cuff my friend  but he broke out cuz no guns on him and the gunfire started, i have killed most of mtf and security but died to someone i didint saw, after that i wannet a sit with Xunt about how meta that was but he said no,masks are very susp and bad and just tped himself back, i wannet to also make a sit about very happy HOS but Xunt came in middle of sit said the following "[Server-Manager]Pierre Dechamps: This has been resolved" "[Server-Manager]Pierre Dechamps: Stop wasting time Kingu" and proceeded to tp us back .(I forgot to start recording so i think Screenshots will do)






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"(3.6) Marshall Carter and Dark Sakesman is not to sell to D Class or Foundation personnel inside of the facility. "

Also to note, you were selling alcohol (Contraband) to Security Guards in LCZ. Obviously several people were suspicious of these strange men in suits and masks inside LCZ selling contraband to Foundation personnel and I agreed with them hence why me and a few other Secuity guards asked for your ID. I then told you this in the sit and ended it. You then decided to waste staff time by dragging a Trial Mod into the already resolved situation and reported the fellow Security Guard. I then informed Hannibal the situation was already dealt with and asked you to stop wasting Staff Time (Something that I have had several Staff Members complain to me about you doing).


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