Nico Carms

I have an additonial feature idea for 106

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I would find it cool if 106 could enter and leave his pocket dimension when ever he wants like in contaiment breach so he could "play" with his targets but 1 of the rules should be he isnt allowed to spam his swep so he cant stuck his targets in the pocket dimension and how he would enter could be his 2nd ability of his swep cause like ik his 2nd ability does nothing rn so he could use it to enter and leave

-Nico Carms

thx for reading 

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First last I checked most of these sweps are custom made and they are done decently well, second it will be a pain to develop something like that because when 106 is contained he cannot leave his cc which means if he tries to enter his dimension while contained will be a pain in the ass for the programmer of these sweps. 

If you can solve all the issues that will arise then go ahead but there's no way for it to really work like SCL SL

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