Gutan Black enforcing fake rules

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Your name in-game: Andy Ravioli
Your SteamID:
Admin's you report name: Gutan Black
Admin's you report SteamID:
Why do you want him demoted?:Disrupting our rp and giving us a warning for "contesting" against him about a rule that doesnt exist, even though we kept telling him there is no rule against forging id's for rp reasons he insists that there is a rule but refuses to tell me which one with the words being something along the lines of "im not reading all those rules just to find it for you" , after pointing out that on the rules section of the forum it clearly states "If a "rule" is not listed in the ruleset then it is not a rule." he kept insisting and in the end warned me and my friend Rick Ravioli

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Gutan Black is me, I was playing ISD at the time.

I told you countless times you're not allowed to have Fake IDs, you continued to argue which lead to a warn. To have a Fake ID is FailRP, even Xunt said so (hes SCP Owner btw)

Heres all the chat logs, 2 other players were also telling you its not allowed, but I didnt get them. (For the ones that are looking at this, its both of the "Ravioli" people)



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Once upon a time, Andy Ravioli broke a rule.  Now, Andy Ravioli wasnt the brightest in the box, and got caught.  So, Andy Ravioli decided to take revenge!  He plotted for hours, to take down the admin who wronged him.  He came to a true solution, one that would never fail.  Andy Ravioli made an admin abuse thread, and knew it would work.  Then the community disagreed.  Andy Ravioli said "How can they disagree with me, i'm right!"  However, Andy Ravioli was still wrong.


Moral of the Story: Read the Rules Kids

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