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O5-6 "The American" or "The Cowboy" App

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Your In-Game Name: Simon Zakaev

Your Steam-ID:0:76561197971840405


Your Age:15 soon to be 16


Your In-Game Playtime:1w 5d 2h 32m 40s


Your amount of warnings (15 Warnings max):8


Rate your roleplaying skills: 8.75/10


What would you like your O5 Designation to be?:

O5-6 "The Cowboy" or "The American" 

Male European Descent Origin is from America and He is in his Mid 40s Long Hair kept in a ponytail and always wears a cowboy hat with a White suit and with a White Stetson Named "Boss of The Plains", he carries an white crane with the handle being shaped of an wolfs head. Unknown Signifance,if any


O5-6 "The Cowboy" was an FA who was at the top of the foundation conducting numerous operations; other details of him are currently unknown (possibly wiped) He is Professional but very genial.He has a Reputation of high competency.He plays some role called "Jack of All Trades" role within the foundation but he mostly focuses on the security within the foundation


The O5-6 one of the O5s that has been seen on public within the foundation and he travels two guards. Their Name being "Thompson" and "Black"


Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions):

I should be part of  the O5 Council due to me having the general vision of the current situation of the foundation. With me being a as CI Infiltraitor and being SD showed me that the current situation shows that  the  foundation needs is some leadership and overwatching. The SD and the  HOS they can be kidnapped easily that actions shows that the foundation can be easily breached with the unifroms are known to the GOIs.What I will bring the O5 council is a reassurence that the GOIs can be fend off and the inside situation can be fixed as well I can bring the O5 council is Friendship a Goal that we all going to achieve a general planning staff that will deal with raids breaches and else, Patience and The ability to quick thinking in harsh situations that the O5 Council is going face such as big raids Keter Class SCP breaches and rogue personnel that inside the foundation leading to an D class breach or the possible spies that the GOIs are sending.When the general question comes up with the O5 council is what can you succed when you are there?

My answer to this question is simple when If I ever got accepted to the O5 Council I will reassure you that I will keep the foundation safe from its enemies never leaking our ways and succesfully containing and protecting humanity from these anomalies we are keeping and researching on them how they have gained this ability to bend reality of our worlds and at lastly I wanted to say is I know the O5 Council Job is a hard one and there are many responsibilities I need to take and I can confirm that I can carry this responsibilities even in under pressure and harsh situation that Im going to face

How many O5 Council Members are their in the SCP universe that are known but not on record?:

The Council originally started with 12 members but there are rumors that there is an 13th member just to break ties the information of the 13th O5 member is only known by the O5 council some people think he is an diinformation to keep secret of the identites of the O5-1 and O5-2 the O5s common point is them knowing litreally everything within the foundation Every member has its own Designation and a specific number to be excact the foundation doesnt know which one if fake or not but the only known thing is there is an certain number that of the O5 council adn there are some anormal members.The O5 that Im going to apply is neither anomolous but he proved himself as an top former Field Agnet and now he is in the O5 Council

Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Adminstration?:

The O5 differ from any administration because they are the ones who they assigned him and they know the truth of what the administration is doing with certain situations and their way of thinking is special because thats the reason why they are selected in the first place the O5 Council understands what power they hold and can decide who is the SD or the HoEA the O5 is diffrent from the other because as a one council they are deciding on one thing not having an argument about multiple outcomes as well the O5 will eventually know if the important personnel they assigned is important or not the O5 know that they are the highest members in the foundation and a target for multiple GOIs the O5 is there to oversee the foundation not to manage the MTF or the security guards those are the missions of the commanders and SD or the HOS is responsible to those tasks some O5s can partake some experiments or negotiatons that partakes in the foundation the O5 Council knows that one O5 cannot control the Whole foundation that has multiple sites in the world the O5 knows that they need to be strict but they also can be happy and genial to the personnel at the foundation the O5 knows that they can cause major panic if they fall to the hands of an certain GOI but when a CL4 personnel is captured the O5 can call the mtf or they can replace him with another specialized personnel within the world the Council knows the weight that they are carrying to secure and protect these people from the anomalies that they are containing. The O5 has access to many classified informations like what is SCP-001 or some special certain events The GOIs know that the O5 only sends messages through DoEA to make deals but they are rarely seen by the GOI that they are making a deal with unless it is from the GOIs leader the O5 faced Many situations that nearly ended the world one of them being the SCP-001 Apotheasis event and they ordered multiple amnestisize operations including a country that has suffred form that event The O5 knows their value and the Administration which reasons that differ from them but they need to be honest and good to them

Explain what makes you special: The part I believe that makes me special is Im willingly to sacrifice for the greater good and leading the foundation even in the worst situation by calming the personnel and thinking solutions with the council resulting the security of the foundation undisturbed and my leadership skills shown themselves in real life making me won a international air race in fourth place with my project club.Another part is me being patient with the developments happening in the foundation even in the worst situation I can lead my personnel patiently with not losing my common sense of whats happening in the foundation my roleplaying skills have shown that I can take care of an heavy job like the SD or the O5 and I always calculate the results while Im talking leading what will happen or what the effects are and at last I dont have a gut feeling like somethings wrong but I observe that and  save up my memory what seems out of order or which one of the personnel what is doing or not 

How do you initiate a nuke?: You initiate a nuke by gathering enough reasons to gather the Hierarchy and propose the mto the launch the nuke .After you called the Hierarchy they will decide if they supporting or they are against it.İf the hiearchy is supporting the launch they will launch it.İf the launch of the nuke turns out to be stupid or meaningless you will get warned for MRDM then you will get kicked and blacklisted from the O5 Council.

What are the rules a O5 Council member has to follow?: 

1:The O5 shouldnt be in Class-D personnels block without a good reason or a rational reason

2:The O5 should avoid entering Euclid,Keter class SCPs Containment Chambers as much as possible while a breach is happening

3:The O5 must value its life over anything because the information that he posses is vital and important

4:The O5 shouldnt order meaningless Terminations if the terminations reach an unprecented level the foundation personnel won't support the O5

5:The O5 must have an important reason to launch the nuke because the nuke will kill everyone if he doesnt have a valid reason he will get kicked from the Council and he will get blacklisted from it

6:If there is an big breach,a big raid an O5 should activate the lockdown and get someone to go to the locdown GG if there is not an Valid reason The O5 who ordered can be kicked from the council.

Why would you like to role play as an O5?: As Im in real life. I like to be a leader and lead my group to succesful points and being an O5 seems to give me this oppurtinity to fix the current problems in the foundation and with the GOIs that are happening and roleplaying as one of the most important personnel at the foundation seems really interesting from a point that some can use the power to corruption or some cna use it to bring balance and when there isnt a O5 on this will can cause problems but when there is an O5 on it gives an order a purpose to the foundation and gives a task to the A-1 to protect the O5 from outside threats


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The Council has decided.


(My personal feedback from reading the app, personally you don't seem fit or have the mindset of an O5, we aren't here to deal with GOI's and personal being kidnapped, we're here to deal with the large issues, like a H.O.S getting kidnapped isn't my immediate concern, but a G.O.C war is. I think personally, HoEA would be much more to your taste.)



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