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SCP-RP August Update

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SCP-RP V6 August Update

New Arrivals into OvisCity:
- ??? has for the second time in its history so far has returned to Oviscity, this job allows the players to choose either in lore or possibly outside of lore for them to Roleplay as their Selected character, and this 9x out of 10 allows players to interact and really dive deep into their characters personality. The Server Co - Owner Joshy rules and creates things for this job.
- Global Occulant Coalition have once again returned to OvisCity due to the steady increase anomalous creatures or items, who knows what they look like now, or what or where their true intentions lie, but know this, this time around their technology has reached further heights as they now posess drones capable of complete destruction and more so be careful when interacting with this GOI.
- TCS have suddenly vanished

Changes within the Foundation Or Out of the Foundation:
- MTF Beta 1 has been decomissioned from this site for the time being as is now being replaced with O1, as the wonderful Ethics Committee have once again returned to Site-19 in order to make sure everything is going along as it should within the ranks of the site adminstration and also to go through any documents and so forth
- Ethics Committee returned ^^
-  TCS has been reswapped back for MC&D Merchants and this sadly means no more drugs ( Addon was not used enough to benefit it being kept) 
- Drones were added added to assist GOC mainly but we were able to distribute some of the other drones for an MTF and  possibly the reporter job as well to help the RPness of the jobs
- Guns were rebalanced a bit much and some loadouts were changed for the MTF groups to assure balance in some ways
- Casino Manager can now spawn the machines of his own personal choice now

General Server Changes:
- Event planner applications began and eventually became filled up enough to create our current event staff who are going to bringing you consistant event's if they can and may choose to invoke some fellow players to play cruical roles in these event's as well.
- Serveral Rule changes have been moved into play as decided by the SMT and higher management as well, these rules were brought in to help with the balance on the server.
- Server has also been updated to most recent Gmod Update.

Our Server IP is located just above
Server rewards have been updated, we now support automatic Discord Boosting rewards.
Boost our server, then verify on spawn in for your rewards.

Currently, you receive an ingame cash bonus. You will also receive a rank on both the Discord & the Teamspeak 3

On top of this, the reards system, in general, has fewer bugs and is more reliable when it comes to rewards.


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