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Add dusk to the day & night cycle

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So during one of Plagues beautiful events he had set the sky to a dusk setting & I really enjoyed the way it looks & wanted to have it added to the D&N cycle of the server. unknown.png
credit to funny puggo man for image, not the cringe ass nae nae baby swrp puggo though.

(Not a shitpost, but a genuine suggestion, I actually love the way this looks & if it could be inserted to the D&N cycle that'd be lovely, also maybe do something for dawn as well.)
im great at writing suggestions also brace for funny sitting at the beach about to kiss or something

just punch through his fucking head

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9 hours ago, Norra said:

That would require a map edit

good, maybe they can fix the fucking lighting too


+1 seems cool i guess

insert all my fucking wls here so i can prove i have worth in life


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