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IT Technician Suggestions

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As we all know, the IT Technician job isn't something that's really used and does need some fixes to get it back into shape as well as some new additions to it.

So far, I've encountered possibly the only issue with the job that stops it from being useful; The WIOS OS and the modem. These two things currently are not able to be used in conjunction with Wire, E2 etc, due to unknown reasons. 

Testing it in singleplayer, as shown below, shows that I'm able to wire the modem to a constant value and set and get a value from the modem itself.


However, when I attempt to do the same thing on the server, this happens. Note that the wiring of the constant value doesn't actually wire, nor does the setting and getting of the value work.



I can only speculate that something to do with permissions with the WIOS and Modem stops the player from setting, getting the values as well as wiring the modem to other things.

If this was fixed; it will open new doors for the IT Technician, though I've known that creating doors is possible using a bit of know how and a lot of patience. While it takes long to create, it also means that the door itself is unhackable if the terminal has a password set in the first place.

I have two suggestions for this;

1) The WIOS terminal is not allowed to have a password to allow GOI's access the terminal and open and close the door with a 1 or 0 or open or close. Though this means that other people could screw around with the computer without the IT Technicians consent.

2) The WIOS terminal does have a password, stopping the problem with people messing around on the computer, though the password needs to be universal (Say 1234 or password) easy enough for GOI's to remember and use without needing to stab an IT Technician or two for the password.

Any other suggestions for this would be greatly appreciated.

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