Nines' Staff App

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In Game Name: Nines


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:241416137


Are you currently staff on any other server or WG server: No


In-game rank: Platinum VIP and GM PFC


Have you got experience in staffing RP Server: A few yes as I was EP before so I have some


Age: 19


Playtime: Almost 8 weeks


Predicted time on server per week: 56 Hours


Warns/bans: 2 warns

Do you use a microphone: Yes I do


What do you aim to achieve in our staff team: I hope to help out with anything I can do as a lot of claims are being made and not a lot of staff are around to get them done or if there is none on then they don't get done so I am hoping to be a helping hand in the claims. I also want to make the server fun for everyone and not have people that do stupid things to ruin the servers fun.


Why do you stand out among other candidates: I don't think I do stand out as very is trying to have a chance to help the server out and be like everyone else with it being fun but I do wish that I can be chosen and if I am not then it doesn't matter because it means that I need to improve or better people have been chosen which I know they will do a smashing job at.


Why should we pick you to staff our server(200 words): I have had some experience when being an Event Planner before so I know most of the claims that come around. When I was an Event Planner and also when no staff was on, I would help out with the claim that I knew how to do (e.g. removing stuff, giving equipment and bringing people). I wish to help the server for the best and do those things as much as I can. I am hoping that my experience as an Event Planner can also help me out with getting a spot and doing everything I can to make the new players feel welcomed to the server. I have heard when I’m on how a lot of people are waiting and sending many claims to staff but none have come, I too have had this happen when training cadets so to become one of the staff team can help with that as well when whitelists need to be done for tryouts or cadet training. I do hope I can be apart of the staff like I was as an Event Planner and if I don’t get that then I don’t mind because great people would be chosen to do what anyone wants to do.


Do you understand that if you are unsuitable as a staff member your rank may be removed: I do understand that and if I am being bad at staff then I will understand if my rank is removed.


If a trooper didn't salute to you, what do you do as a staff member: I would do nothing as a staff member is OOC and saluting is IC so it is out of the RP


You haven't done your duties as a staff member as much as you should one week, how do you handle this: I would explain why I haven't due to my absence and would apologies in advance for nothing doing my duty. I would then do that one week limit added onto the week limit I'm at so I am back on track for claims.


You don't like a staff member, how do you handle this: I would ignore the staff member or try to push past my dislike for that staff member so I can get on with making the server fun and enjoyable.


Anything else: wgswrp

Current Ranks:
501st Colonel

Previous Ranks:
CT Executive Officer Battalion Commander CG Temp Vice Commander Event Planner CG Captain

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Biggest -1 i could ever do

A really well known minge, that somehow isnt perma banned. Banned 2 times for AWarn system

Been high command demoted so, also immature

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Current Ranks:

[NRP] Kompanie "Caesar" Leutnant

[NRP] Gaustabsamt STV. Hauptamtsleiter 

[NRP] Moderator + Deputy Discord Staff Manager

[NRPWehrmacht Generalstab Hauptmann ( Chef d. Heeresverwaltung )

[IRL] Grass Toucher


old ranks;

who cares




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never seen u before but if 8 weeks true thats pretty lit. Good app and I got 8 weeks in swrp aswell lol.


Current Ranks

DarkRP Senior Mod 02.04.21 - 

Previous Ranks

Deathrun Senior Admin 24.04.20 - 05.03.21

GM Colonel 13.09.19 – 19.03.20

DU Colonel 19.03.20 - 07.05.20

CG LCPL 18.07.20 - 25.07.20

Jedi Blade Warrior 08.03.20 - 26.08.20

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You got an alright App, Formerly you were known as Almighty, So I would first try getting up your Name as Nines now, I would recommend for you to reach a Higher Rank first, Get yourself more known,"again". But regardless. Good Luck.

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