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Your In-Game Name: Jason Dal - (Went by Drake Rui in V5) | Enigma

Your Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:118119498


Your Age: 17


Your In-Game Playtime: 1w 4d 12h 19m


Your amount of warnings (15 Warnings max):  0 warnings


Rate your roleplaying skills:  9/10



What would you like your O5 Designation to be?: O5-11 "The Liar", or "The Father of Lies"


(300 to 350 words)

Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions):  
I am certain that I should be apart of the O5 Council. I believe that I can bring my confidence in making the right decisions when it is necessary to do so.  I think that I can shine in this aspect of having self confidence, but also using that said confidence to as said above make the right decision. I believe I displayed this confidence during a event that took place the night of the day before the day this application has been posted. A time traveler appeared in EZ Big Room, he wanted to speak with the "Leader" of the site which in this case was a O5 that was on site. In order to keep the O5 safe from the possible threat of the unknown time traveler we decided for me, at the time a Ethics Committee Member to talk to the man and then to relay the information to the O5 in order to keep him safe as we did not know the exact intentions of the "Time Traveler." Speaking of Ethics Committee, i believe that the ECM role shows off my decision making and confidence to lead, I am confident in my ability that I have shown in the ECM role sense I got it and I hope to apply the things I have learned and always done even to the O5 role while playing site administration like ECM and Site Director. But my confidence and decision making isnt the only reason I believe I should be apart of the O5 Council. I believe that I am a very good role player and i believe that the O5 role will allow me to expand on my role play as it is very rp intensive and that is why I applied for ECM, was ECM was a very role-player intensive role and I hope to have even better role player experiences playing as O5 council then you would interacting with everyone. Getting to my point, I believe that I am made to fit into the role player climate that O5 brings and that I will prosper in it.


(100 to 150 words)

How many O5 Council Members are their in the SCP universe that are known but not on record?: 
There is a "said" total of 13 O5 Council members, From O5 - 1 to O5 - 13 each having a certain designation. Some say that there is a O13 used in cases of a tie, as in if there really only is 12 and its a 6 to 6 a 13 is brought in to then break the tie but has never been confirmed. But all O5 members have one thing in common, they all are clearance 5 - "Thaumiel" level personnel, having the highest access in the foundation. Each knows vast information about the Foundation and its inner workings,  This leads to people knowing their standing but not much about the reality of the council and their inner workings.


(300 words)

Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Administration?:
A O-5 Council member is the highest ranking Foundation personnel that is known of. The O stands for overseer and that is exactly what they do. They differ from Site Administration as they are more of a "behind the lines" general. They do not work up close and out of the shadows when it comes to giving orders, and they rarely do the physical job at hand. This leads them to giving orders to Site Administration such as the Site Director who then hands of those orders, this is what makes the O5 the "overseer" Figure as he should and the a "director" figure. The O5 is also not blocked by clearance levels or  rank requirements which allows him in some capacity to do his job more thoroughly then others. Furthermore a O5 and his identity is detrimental to their survival which is different then someone  like a Site Director or a Ethics Committee Member. The O5 isn't the who handles every situation. A O5 is not going to go negotiate face to face when a GOI comes knocking at The Foundation's doors. He is the one overseeing the negotiations from as said before, behind the lines. The O5 is also not  going to lead every task that he gives, there is no room for micromanaging, this requires the O5 to have faith in leaders of said task and have faith in the ability of the position that said person in. If a O5 were to micromanage every little thing, then the O5 danger levels shoots up due to exposure that micro managing brings. To expand on my points before about the O5 working behind the lines, unlike other Site Administration, The O5 works more in the shadows and does not make such vast physical appearances as a Site Director can. The O5 is more like the steering wheel in a car, and the other site administration are like the wheels of the car. The O5 does not make announcements to all personnel unless absolutely necessary which differs the O5s commanding style from the Site Director. The O5 doesn't head down to D-Block to check its status, he sends someone to go do it, because one it could put the O5 in danger, and second it could lead to some bad people trying some tricky things.


(150 words)

Explain what makes you special:
I fully believe what makes me special is my confidence. I believe that I am very confident in the things I invest my time in such as role play. I believe that my confidence is like the engine of my role play and that I believe in the decisions I make and my actions. But I also believe that my ability to recite and remember important information is a special quality of mine. When I am told what is and isn't right, I don't have a hard time remembering the information and I believe that that is a key trait in being a O5, I can't say from experience but i can guess that a O5 must know certain protocols and certain waits to deal with situations and I have never had a problem at learning and remembering when instructed on the dos and don'ts. This is a crucial trait as I believe it can make the difference between living and dying, wining and loosing, succeeding and failing. 


( No Word Requirement)

How do you initiate a nuke?: To you initiate a nuke, you require Clearance 5 to enter the activation room. You then must have a valid reason and evidence as to why you would require to launch a nuke. You then need to present said reasons and evidence to Hierarchy. They then decide on the fate of the nuke launch. 


( No Word Requirement)

What are the rules a O5 Council member has to follow?:  

  1. Refrain from going to or being close to D-Block. D-Class can sometimes get frisky and cheeky, this could lead to a bad series of events endangering personnel like the O5.
  2. A O5 Council Member should not go onto the surface unless it is absolutely necessary to ensure survival or a emergency outcome 
  3. Nukes are not something to be taken lightly. As in don't launch a nuke for a no good reason, they should only be used in detrimental situations. This could also lead to a MRDM charge and a Blacklist from the O5 Council
  4. Breaches of SCPs are no jokes. If there is a breach O5 should seek protection such as a breach shelter in order to ensure safety, this could also apply to scenarios such as massive raids of the Foundation.
  5. SCPs are in Containment Chambers for a reason, but as we have all seen, they sometimes fail. This could endanger a O5 who is near a SCPs Containment Chamber, so O5s should stay away from a SCPs Containment Chamber.
  6. A O5s identity and health is a major priority. A O5 should value his life and his position due to the information that O5s know due to their clearance level. To go along with valuing his life he should try his hardest to keep his identity safe as it could be vital to his survival.
  7. Think before you decide. By now we all know the O5s and their standing, they make the big boy decisions, but like all decision makers. Decisions are crucial, so when it comes to a O5 he must think about is decisions and throw out orders and decisions willy-nilly 


( No Word Requirement)

Why would you like to role play as an O5?:  
I touched on this above in a previous question, I want to role play as an O5 as I feel that my role play ability will fit the role and that I will fit into the O5 climate very easily. I think that the role play environment around the O5 Council, as in how they operate and what they do is such a mysterious and exciting environment. This is why we role play, we are invested and interested into the people we role play as and the environments that surround them. This applies to my want of joining the council and the role play that it brings. It allows for that feeling of new experiences and situations. My answer is as simple as that. I believe that I will have a blast role playing as a O5, sometimes with my fellow O5 council members, or interacting with the facility, or solving issues that arise. Thus, this is why I would like to role play as a O5 Council Member.

Thank you for your time inspecting my application,

Jason Dal.


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