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My In-Game name:Evilgejf

STEAMID: (http://steamidfinder.com)STEAM_0:1:81866391

Steam Name:Evilgejf

What is the reason for your warn: HP Rushing

Name of the staff member who banned you:Toon

Why do I believe that I should be unWarned.Well first of all i wanna say that i never knew that HP rushing was a thing for Clones since everyone including the staff that warned me said that HP Rushing is allowed for clones. But let me explain so we were on the venator and pushing GR so we all pushed in there and we all died while exiting the elevator so i went for cover but was still being sprayed  at by the BHs so i either had the option of running back into turret fire and die or call for a push for 327th. So the obvious thing i did was i called for a push for all 327th so i tried pushing in and grabbing the turret since it was close and was under 500 hp or something like that. At the meantime i was being shot in the back so i got a bit of a boost by accident. So i went in and grabbed the turret since i could maybe make myself useful while the rest were pushing behind me so i grabbed the turret and tried to get back and got pretty far back and then died.

Now i only had 1 option imo and that was to go forward and i called a push so i though some people went with me but they died pretty quickly so it all went wrong but i dont think this should be warn since of my 2 years of this server it doesnet make much sense.  But Torb did mention that i was FailRP rushing or something like that but the thing is this i was warned for something no one knew off. Also to my knowledge HP rushing is when u have the advantage of HP and push forward to agresivly but i dont think in anyway that 500 hp is an advnatage to BH. I could explain a bit more but its a bit hard to explain. 

Another thing is if what i did was something wrong then multiple other people would get warned daily

Evidence:I dont record my stuff 😞

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It has always been both ways for HP rushing, not sure how people get the idea that only ECs can be punished. Anyone that decides to rush ahead to just end up dying to try and grab a turret clearly don't understand what they're doing is a stupid idea. But it would be more correct for it to be put under failrp.

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