Ban this guy please

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Your name in-game: "Randy Random" or "LT Random"

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:422619832

My STEAM name: romBONE 1301

Person's you report name: "George Floyd"

Person's you report SteamID: STEAM_0:0:121325679

Person´s your report Steam name: LIL SKRR

Why do you want him banned?: He´s a gamethrower, he broke the following rules: (his role Security Guard, my role Security Guard Lieutnant)

Killing in a spawn are, in my case the armory next to the D gate/ Broke NLR several times, i stopped counting/ Killing every player he saw, scientists, d class, other guards/ Trolling, he closed doors, cuffed random people or shot them in the leg etc/ Ignores Fear rp when cuffed/ Disrespecting other players, words used: c*unt, bitc*, as*hole, retard, bastard, racist and so on.../  Btw his character is named after the black person who got killed by us police officers, so a very very unsuitable name/ Kidnapping and killing after someone spawned/ Failrp in anyway.../ Rogue as a Security Guard, he opened the d gates and let the d boys in and killed lots of Foundation staff.../ Shoot someone without a vallid reason and a warning/ Harming the Foundation/

Please Ban this guy, people like him are just gamethrowing ans ruining a whole server...

Evidence(It's a must. If not provided, request is denied.):


Player that witnessed it, directly involved Kenneth Kenneth, Moritz Klimp( was a scientist) Rollkek, (was a guard), the other Guard and HoS, Both left and i dont remember they´re names, some of the d class got in, so they can witness the gate sh*t he did


Thats him saying not nice words to me before killing me20200807022818_1.thumb.jpg.e8a31fac4fb724b1396c9c96245de84d.jpg

My comms after he killed me...


He again shooting me, see the hp bar


Kenneth telling other guards who killed them


Me asking in the chat who killed me, again...


He shooting some other guards, hes the guy with the weapon


heres moritz with a low hp bar, getting killed by him


He shooting me again, see the hp bar


Kenneth tried to cuff him, see last pic, but he got shot to, see hp bar,20200807023508_1.thumb.jpg.33db537cd9dccb7bbaeeb7bd9f4e5706.jpg

Kenneth´s corpse


Now he was after me, again...


and he got me... oh and hi kenneth, lyingin the backround


he shooting and killing in the armory aka the spawn room20200807023901_1.thumb.jpg.934defec011386e35529d3ccc8990e42.jpg

me dead in the spawn room

Last words: I left the server shortly after cause its very frustrating getting killed over and over again in the spawn area, unarmed. Oh and i know the textures are bugged but its okey... if someone wanna tell me how to fix that please do it here. There are enough witnesses and evidence to ban him i hope. if u have questions let me know in your answer.




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Hi, I banned not only "George Floyd" but also "Barak Obama" for MRDM. So I guess Accepted? Also if you want your textures to be fixed download all of this.

Also you might want to get C.S.S textures.

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