Zack Micheal Smith

O5-2, Codename "The Way"

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Your In-Game Name: Zack Micheal Smith 

Your Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:532892422


Your Age: 14


Your In-Game Playtime: 1w 6d 21h


Your amount of warnings (15 Warnings max): 0


Rate your roleplaying skills: 8 or 9/10


Basic and Important Questions:


What would you like your O5 Designation to be?: O5-2 "The Way"


Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions):

I believe I should be part of the council because I can make tough decision swiftly and in extreme situations. For Example, If a D-Class was sent into 076-ll's CC for testing and he was not complying to the leave I would obviously have to make a decision. I would first ask the overseers to give me the location of the D-Class inside his CC, If they were to say he was in the center of the CC and could see the MTF, I would ask them to proceed with negotiation tactics. If the D-Class does comply still I would have the MTF see if he could be re-captured if 076-ll was a safe distance away. If the D-Class attempted to converse with 076-ll I would grant the request for termination as he could be planning an escape or breach. Another Example of why I should be on the council was if I was gave information that there was a CI base on the surface I would gather all Nu-7 H-23 and other surface units that were on site into EZ Big. I would explain the situation and have them all face scanned to make sure there are no spy's. I would then order them to raid the CI base and give me a continuous update over comms. If they had captured a few CI I would make the decision to bring them to facility as we could amnisticate them and either use them as D-Class or Service Personnel, but before doing that I would have one of my trusted units questions them with me overseeing it. If I was told about a hostage situation on a Foundation Admin, I would get the people that were on scene to negotiate with them and if they didn't comply I would order them to attempt to execute the Kidnappers and bring the FA safely back to the facility. Last option I would comply with the kidnappers orders unless it was to leak all Foundation Information. 


How many O5 Council Members are their in the SCP universe that are known but not on record?: 

There are rumours that there is 13 council members (O5-1 to O5-13) But most people inside the facility don't know if the O5 Council exist or not when there is one in the facility they think they are SA or SD but some people believe that there is only O5-1 to O5-12 and that the 13 is a "Tiebreaker". It is said that O5-13 is only used when there are 6 on 6 votes and they need a final vote. Some people believe that they pick a random person or it can be one of the Council Members. In any case if there are 12 O5 Council members or maybe even 13 they are all level 5 clearence and are all able to active a nuke. 


Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Administration?:

O5 or the "Overseers" of the Foundation are the people that run the foundation behind the scenes. The O5 knowns nearly every secret about the Foundation and definitely every SCP the O5 have the highest power/authority over the Foundation and are told or have seen everything that goes on inside every facility on every site. They are different from the Site Director in many ways. One of them being that Level 3 Clearance or below would not know about the O5 council and they would just hear rumor's and speculate about them. As they are the highest power in the Foundation they are the only group of people that can activate nukes. They are there to assess XK Class scenarios (the end of the world) and to make sharp and swift decision's in them. The O5's make sure that all MTF and Groups are in line and not plotting against the Foundation. They stay away from any SCP's and don't come in contact with them as this could result in their death and the O5 is made up of a special, elite group even, of people that can be chosen only because of their superior knowledge in tactics and tough situations and these people are rare to come across. The O5 out ranks the EC and can permit an arrest on an EC if they are abusing or misusing their role. If there was a kidnapping on a Foundation Admin the O5 would not negotiate with them personally, he would send an MTF Commander of the SA or SD. Because if he sent himself he could be put in extreme danger. If the O5 were to get involved with physical jobs that were meant for MTF then that would put his life in jeopardy. This is why you will never see an O5 near an SCP or a raid. O5 Is class A Personnel so they only give orders for example if they want a site report they would go to either the Site Director or Site Advisor and then get them to give him once they have been Face Scanned.


Explain what makes you special:

Why am I special you may ask? I have gone through many roles and clearances through out the Foundation, for Example I first applied for a job as the MTF E-11 Containment Unit and I got accepted. I was E-11 CU for about 2 years and saw the many other roles that came in and out of the Foundation and decided to apply for Nu-7 Commander. I got accepted and Commander the units for about 3 years and then the Omega-1 caught my eye and decided to attempt to become Omega-1. It was successful. After about 5 years of being Omega-1 I saw the interests of being Foundation Admin and Decided to apply for Site Advisor which I thought would be a good start. Then I got promoted to Site Director. I believe this shows my experience through out the facility as I have much experience and had many different jobs with different secrets. I am also very calm and controlled under pressure, for example if I was under a stressful situation as being asked for permission to terminate a someone I would make the correct decision swiftly. Also as Site Director I got some good feedback and I have extreme knowledge on tactics and problem solving.


How do you initiate a nuke?:

First of all it must be a very dangerous situation to initiate a nuke (XK or K Class Scenario). I would go down to the nuke room and ask a member of the hierarchy to active the nuke. After the nuke has blown up I believe that you write an aftermath report on the situation and why the nuke was activated and you must also provide evidence from what I have heard


What are the rules a O5 Council member has to follow?:

1: Do not have the Nuke detonated for a light reason. There has to be a heavy world ending class scenario for you to detonate the nuke. If you detonate it Randomly this will be counted as MRDM and you will be Blacklisted from the O5 Council and most likely the server.

2: O5 Council Members must not go near or in D-block for his own saftey.

3: O5 Council must not go near SCP's or in their Containment Cells.

4: He should not go on the surface for no reason and it must be an extreme situation for him to.

5: O5 must never Leak information to Level 3 Clearance or below and sometimes even Level 4.

6: The O5 Member should not put himself at risk or danger at any point in time for any reason.

7: If someone knowns about the O5 Council Member, depending on the Clearance he can be amnesticated.

8: If there is a breach of any kind he must get to immediate saftey.

9: You are not to go rogue as O5 


Why would you like to role play as an O5?: 
The reason I would like to play O5 is, I have seen the RP that O5 can get into and it seems very interesting. I believe that I can indulge into some deep RP as an O5 council member and I am active on the server and if I got accepted very active on O5. I would like to expand my WL to a higher controlling whitelist. I believe that I am a good and competent Site Director/Advisor. I enjoy controlling the facility when there is no O5 on and I believe that I am good at it and would like to give it ago at a higher level.

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Missed the days out
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I would stay Positive about this application as this user has been gamer and a good roleplayer, maybe an exception could be made about his playtime and age.
He is also pretty competent. Give this man a chance. ☝️

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I am going to be in the hospital from 8-18th so I have been active on FA up until tomorrow and won't be for 10 days my apologies. I also missed out the days on my app joe, that is why it looked short.


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(Their are a couple of issues, we have never saw you on site administration except for one time and you were questionable, additionally, the app is weirdly written and confusing. I recommend to start playing Site Administration more and to look at accepted apps to get an idea on what to write.)



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