Viktor Svetsken

O5-(2) Application | Codename: "The Prestige"

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Your In-Game Name: Viktor Svetsken (Agent Baron while on duty as MTF)

Your Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:242419537


Your Age: 18


Your In-Game Playtime: 2w 4d 5h 18m


Your amount of warnings (15 Warnings max): No warnings as of writing this (Don't plan on changing that)


Rate your roleplaying skills: Personally I would rate myself 8.5 to 9 out of 10. Other users may think differently but we shall see.





What would you like your O5 Designation to be?: 


O5-2 "The Prestige"

Male. 46 Years Old. Russian Descent. American Origin.

O5-2 "The Prestige" is a Council Member who rose to his rank at a very alarming, seemingly impossible rate. Some members of the council question his position as he appeared seemingly out of nowhere. While some were confused, the rest knew why he was there. However, let's start from the beginning.

The start of his whole career came out of the military (Marine Corps), not long after he was an acting service member. He then went through with his first deployment to Iraq as a part of US Operation: Inherent Resolve.

While deployed, multiple officers in his Company (Warrant Officers from WO-1 to WO-4 in rank) and soldiers in his platoon (Usually of E-3 to E-7 ranking) spoke very high of his operational capacity, ability to stay calm under stressful situations and team leadership skills. This went around and in to the High Ranks quick. Hearing of his rapid success and effectiveness was something they've not heard of in quite a while. While returning from deployment 8 months later, his commanding officer told him to go meet with Major [REDACTED] who was stationed on the base at the time. Talks of him becoming an acting Warrant Officer ensued.

Fast forward 11 months, He has since completed his Officer Training Courses, served as effectively and even more efficiently and is now an acting Commissioned Officer First Lieutenant (O-2/Of-1). He now leads a company of soldiers within Marine Corps' 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines "Warlords". "His operational skills are second to none. His Company operates with utmost efficiency and go with ease" (Lt. Colonel who watched over him, speaking to a Lt. General). He devised multiple strikes against insurgents without fail. His Company was renowned for its' operational success and fleeting expertise. His operation ended no longer than 4 months after having completed the main objective.

After yet another operational success, he was pulled aside by the General stationed at the base. The General sent him to two mysterious men standing in a dark room. The contents of this meeting have been classified Clearance Level 4. After the meeting concluded, the General looked at him, nodded, pinned the Navy Distinguished Service Medal on his uniform and saluted him, as if it was the last time he was seeing him. He was then told to follow the two mysterious men into the vehicle and go where he must. This concluded his service within the Marine Corps and begun his career within the Foundation. He was then sedated and blindfolded while being brought to an undisclosed location.

After arriving to this location (Later revealed to him as a place named Site-15), he was questioned and tested by multiple people, their identity unknown. One question that stood out to him was the question "How is it that one is able to operate so fluently and effectively without any outside help so early on?". He simply replied "It was my duty.". Struck by the answer, the ones who were questioning him ceased to ask questions and proceeded to identify themselves. One immediately revealed their identity as the Director of Facility Operation (Site Director) along with the other revealing their self as Mobile Task Force Nu-7 "Hammer Down" Operational Commander. After going over multiple protocols of sorts, they sent him off to yet another undisclosed location for training to become a unit of Nu-7

Forward another year, he proved beyond the operational capacity of the Nu-7 unit and has been asked to take up a position within a highly classified Task Force known as Alpha-1"Red Right Hand" for his excellence in operations, communication and effectiveness. His Information now classified Clearance Level 5 from this point on.

Forward 9 months, he is interviewed by yet another mysterious figure accompanied with another A-1 unit. This figure being dressed well and extremely formal, much like the men he protects. For some reason, the figure asked him to refer to him as "Three" when his protocol asks him to refer to people of his kind otherwise. "Three" questions him about what he knows of the very people he protects. He again replies simply "I know who you are and what you do. Your discussions are yours to keep though. I am here to protect you and you alone.". "Three" grins satisfied before saying "I don't need your protection anymore, son.". "Three" then signals the other Alpha-1 Unit out of the room. "Three" then says "You have been selected. You are expected to respond and I am here to take that response.". He says "Selected for what exactly, sir?" "Three" pushes back in his chair while saying "A spot within the council. You have proved yourself for your excellence in terms of service and confidentiality that we have all but one decided that you were out next addition. The only one who hasn't decided is you.". He has been stunned by this response, nearly at a loss of words. He replies slowly "Sir, if you are insisting that I join you and fellow Council members then I must insist on my question, why me of all people?". "Three" stands up, walks over to him, places him hands on his shoulders and says "You have proved yourself to be one of the most operationally important and loyal assets that we simply can't resist you having a spot at the table. You alone have the power and the will of 5 or more of those Alpha-1 Units out there which is exactly why we want you. You can make decisions that we originally wouldn't have thought of. Most of those decisions leading to a more effective and efficient outcome. You alone are 3 of us combined. You have the brains for this operation and we want you to use your wisdom on a greater scale. I ask of you personally to seriously think of this offer.". "Three" now walks towards the door before being interrupted by him saying "Sir.". "Three" turns to him and replies with "Yes, son?". He says "I accept this invitation of yours with the highest of honors.". "Three" turns back towards the door and says "Good, meet me at [REDACTED] at 1300, son. I will be awaiting your arrival". This concludes the meeting.

No more than 14 days pass, he has become the highest operational rank on his newly stationed site (Site-[REDACTED]). He now oversees and commands all military operational matters carried out by all MTF Units along with ensuring safety and security protocols are updated and put in play immediately as new rules are put in play. He also has ties with most known national military operations.



Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions):

I believe that I should be a part of the O5 Council for the sole reason that I will deliver top of the line operational security and efficiency to the table. Personally I have had the experiences of leading and devising teams to reach a mutual objective in a short time with maximum efficiency without fail. I will ensure that the site runs at optimal levels with extreme measures to ensure everything stays in check. This includes Containment, Site personnel protocol enforcement, Conduct within the site and the overall security of it. I will also seek to go on the offensive when it comes to possible attackers of the Foundation. The Foundations security and secrets are of utmost importance and they are not to be compromised, therefore I will ensure that all defensive and offensive plays are made to perfection. I can bring many plays to the table in terms of absolute security and confidentiality to the Council, I must however be able to act on them directly as intended. I will of course run these plans over with fellow Council members, getting their input and ultimately making a decision on a plan of mine. I will listen to fellow Council members and their opinions. I wish to be a part of the Council to be able to bring my skill set in terms of team leadership and wits behind certain situations. I can handle myself extremely well under pressure and I can come to a reasonable decision when it comes to making even the toughest of decisions. It comes down to the most logical answer to the problem and the most efficient solution. My decision making can be spot on at most times and I will continue this into the Council without fail and with just as much effectiveness as of now.


How many O5 Council Members are their in the SCP universe that are known but not on record?:

Known in the SCP universe, there are O5s with designations ranging from 1-13. There is a shroud of mystery behind the elusive O5-13 however. In terms to the Council, O5-13 doesn't exist. O5-13 is used as a tie-breaker and used when there is a 50/50 vote between the council members. When the tie appears in a case, a cycle of Council members starting from 1 to 12 is used in every case. One member is chosen in a constant, looped order (1, then 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, etc.) to make another vote to break the tie within the total votes. Other than that, the rest are designated by a number (being 1-12) and some sort of designated codename ("Prestige", "Founder", etc.) all while remaining highly anonymous to those around them on site. 


Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Adminstration?:

The O5 provides operational integrity to the Site they are active on without fail and with absolute efficiency and secrecy. The O5 himself differs from all other Site Administration as they have total authority over the entirety of the Foundation and have access to means that no one else does. This includes: Site Lockdown, Ability to launch the nuke should a/multiple SCP(s) breach to the surface, authority to order certain things to be done within the facility (to a reasonable extent), etc. The access to resources is limitless to the O5 as long it is within reasonable limits to make use of them. With the resources at hand, they can bring a swift solution into sight should a problem arise unlike the other Site Administration, who don't have the means to access those types of resources. In all technicality, a site without the O5 being present is a dangerous place. A site without an acting O5 is not only potentially leaving the site without proper resources to deal with critical situations, it's leaving the site without someone to make the correct calls in certain situations. The point in having an O5 on site is so the site is maintained in terms of security and integrity. If we were to put myself into a reality where I was an acting O5 then we can run through a couple of situations. Let's say an SCP breaches, the first thing on my agenda is to initiate a Site Lockdown. After locking down the site, I would ask someone to Initiate Lockdown Procedure on Glass Gate. Afterwards, move to secure location in which the SCP can't access with my protection detail. In the event of a Massive Raid situation, I would order for local armed units to take care of the intruders. The scale of the intrusion can sometimes dictate the lockdown call. (In my personal opinion, a Raid Lockdown should be implemented when the confirmed raider count is 5+.) Move to a secure area with my protection detail and request constant updates on the situation all while ordering their arrest or termination if proven to be a raider. Without the O5, the potential for SCPs breaching to the surface or mass raids happening without any consequence to them is massive as other Site Administration don't have access to the resources that the O5 does. This is how the O5 differs from the rest.


Explain what makes you special:

I believe what makes me special is my impartiality and my decision making. I can make decisions with absolute logic and make them effectively without having a second thought if it comes to give off a positive result. My ability to know when something is good to make a play on and something isn't good to touch at all is known among a few. (Having played Site Administration in the past) I know what decisions must be made when it comes to certain situations and I will employ special tactics and protocols to enforce those decisions should they require such solution. I also feel that my leadership skill is known in times of need when there is a situation in need of someone to take control. I always try and take the initiative when those situations arise and I plan on doing so within the Council should I be accepted into it.


How do you initiate a nuke?:

In order to initiate a nuke, you must contact Hierarchy and explain to them the reason for your call to initiate the nuke. Hierarchy will then vote on the fact if your reason to launch the nuke is valid or invalid. In the case your reason is valid, the nuke will be launched. (This does not mean you are in the clear however) In the situation that the nuked is launched and Hierarchy find out that the reason was actually invalid, you can get in trouble for MRDM. This will result in you being kicked and blacklisted from O5.


What are the rules a O5 Council member has to follow?:

The rules the O5 must follow are simple:

1: Never risk your life under any circumstances

2: Never go near any SCP containment areas in the case that a breach happens

3: Do NOT go anywhere near D-Block and the ones who inhabit it (Class-D Personnel).

4: Have a valid reason for any course of action that you set in motion. It's not like the O5 to go around ordering pointless things like random terminations or launching the nuke just because a Class-D got on the surface

5: Always be prepared; Be ready to initiate lockdown in the case of a massive raid or in the case of an SCP breaching their containment. You must have a valid reason to do these actions however as stated as it can be frowned upon by the Council for using resources where unnecessary. 


Why would you like to role play as an O5?: 

 I would like to role play as the O5 to ensure the order of the Facility so there are no problems regarding the security of the Site as a whole. I wish to bring a leader upon the people so they have someone they can go to when they are looking for insight. I wish to help those among the site by protecting them and ensuring everything is secure.

Notes: My Site Administration time may be iffy at the time but I will state for the record that I have played my share of time on Site Administration in the past and understand the risk that comes with playing it. I will live up to the expectations that are set in front of me.

Viktor Svetsken

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