im sorry for killing you

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Server you got banned from: Scp foundetion

Your name in-game: bagelis290

Your SteamID:

Admins' name that banned you: i dont know

Admin's steamID: i dont know

Why did you get banned?: for killing some d class personal

Evidence(Un-necessary): the d class most of them were afk

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: I didnt know the rules im young so i didnt reserch before coming here

Anything else?: thank you if you unban me and thenk you for making suck a nice server


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i made it the wrong way
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Okay, you made an app but it is pretty under-detailed and in my opinion it kind of shows you couldn't give a shit.

You should read the rules no matter your age, it's a public server that is completely free for you to play and reading the rules is mandatory so that you don't fuck up someone's experience or maybe even day.

What is your Roleplay name?


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Provides no reason for unban or evidence that his ban is invalid besides being young.



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