WALKING DEAD'S SCP 096 Application

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RP Name:  Jake Sandman


SteamID: STEAM_0:1:167841545


Playtime Required [ Must be 4 days or Above]  5 D 16 Hrs 24 mins 58 sec


In-Game Warnings [reasons and amount. type !warns in-game to find, must have fewer than 20 warnings. (exceptions can be made)]: No Active Warnings, 1 Warning From 2018.


Have you read the rules of SCP-RP, and do you understand them?: Yes, I Have More Than Once.


Have you read the rules of SCP-096, and do you understand what you can and cannot do? Demonstrate your understanding*  Yes, i've read the rules more than once you can kill anybody who looks at you never purposely face your containment chamber door it's considered FAILRP, I can only open doors with my CL5 if they are in my way, I am not able to move or look when i am calm, and most importantly i cannot talk as SCP 096. also never abuse PAC3 to look through walls and door, can't go on a killing spree, i can only kill the person who that looked at me, The Person i've killed i must sit on and look at the wall before a Guard comes and puts a bag over my head and cuffs to my cc, also never kill other SCPs,  And I have to be careful that i don't kill the person that wasn't looking at me with my SWEP, I can only kill the person who LOOKED at me.


Are you able to play SCP-096 often when the job is not full, and give good RP to other players who encounter you?: Yes i am able to play as SCP 096 when the job is not full i want to apply for this job because i rarely see anyone play as this SCP and i want to help new players with the server and get them into the community, and yes i play this server very often since i joined.


What is the Containment Procedure for SCP-096?*(Explain in full detail): SCP 096 is to be contained in it's cell at all times, NO VIDEO SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS IN CELL, anyone who isn't E11, Containment, Or Higher Staff must leave cc, without looking face if so you will be killed by SCP 096. if they get close but not infront they may put a bag over my head and use elastic cuffs to take me back to my CC, SCP-096 is to be contained in its cell, a 5 m x 5 m x 5 m airtight steel cube, at all times. Weekly checks for any cracks or holes are mandatory. There are to be absolutely no video surveillance or optical tools of any kind inside SCP-096's cell. Security personnel will use pre-installed pressure sensors and laser detectors to ensure SCP-096's presence inside the cell.


During research, a Class D looks at your face and manages to escape the Containment Chamber, he runs towards the Entrance Zone. What is your course of action while chasing 096-1, and what do you do once you have killed them?*:  I would still chase him and kill him as punishment for looking at my face once done, simply sit and look down at floor where his dead corpse was. 


While chasing 096-1, you pass a researcher, Class D and a MTF unit who all look at your face accidentally. Once you kill the current 096-1, you go back and find them, then proceeding to kill them also. Is this good RP and why?*:  Yes, this is Good RP,  I would need to track down SCP 096-1 and KILL,  As soon as i have killed him would sit down where I killed him and look at the ground to make sure no one else sees my face.


If SCP-096 bag had come off or if some Escape Class d ran past and grabbed it, as E-11 or CS would you chase the class d or proceed on to recontain SCP-096?* Simply call comms to have MTF to moderate my behavior make sure i don't go rapid and aggressive, as soon as they capture the D-Class. all guards should stay at D-Block so a D-Class BREACH doesn't occur.


A GOI has managed to enter the facility, and they open your Containment Chamber to cuff you and take you out of the facility, one of them looks at your face but tells you it was an accident, and you can just ignore it. What should you do? Why?*: No, i cannot let him live doing so would be FailRP , i must simply just kill and sit at his dead corpse.


That was WALKING DEAD'S SCP 096's Application! 🙂

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