Silent Event Planner Application

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Basic Information:


Steam Name + Profile link: Silent


Roleplay Name (e.g. GM TRP Johan) Battalion Major Silent


Teamspeak Name: Silent


Playtime on the Server: Just hit 21 weeks 


SteamID (😞


Any experience in staffing: Yes you know


Current Age: 18


Warns/Bans: Metagame warn couple bans here and there


Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: yes


Event Plan:


Create an event plan, this is what we will use for your first training event. Make it easy to understand and original(Use the Template):


Map: Geonosis





Event Information:




Republic Execution

On the base map before the event I will talk to the leading battalion about the orders that they will be getting. I will tell him that he will land at the droid factory and must set up an FOB after that I will ask them if they can attack all camps at the same time however if they don’t want to do that it’s up to them as I want the Battalion to be more flexible from this point. I will tell the Battalion to hold the FOB and repel the CIS attack and thats it. The Republic is looking for a CIS informant that is hiding on the planet with the scavengers that are there. The scavengers have provided safety from the republic for the informant so they will engage the Republic. First of all their orders will be to clear out all of the scavengers on the surface of Geonosis. There will be little resistance from this as they have small fire power weapons and they are few in numbers. This is what the encampments will look like from the outside.  The purpose of the build is to have little cover for EC’s so that the republic can destroy them very easily. I will ask the Battalion member to set up an FOB at the entrance to the droid factory. Then they will send troops out from there to deal with the hostiles at the camps. Once the camps and hostiles in these camps are destroyed then the second part of the event will begin. The CIS informant will be in the final camp area and will be captured by the Republic and brought back to the FOB. This will give me time to change EC’s into commando/b1 droids. (Depending on numbers)


This is what I suspect the FOB will look like, however DU always use different props. The Republic will need to hold their ground here for the time being.



Once the CIS informant gets to the FOB the second phase of the event will begin. I will have the name CIS Fleet Commander and I will use /advert The CIS Informant is below us being protected by the Scavengers 

Both the CIS and the Republic in this scenario have no idea that each one is there and this will lead to a suprised assault of Geonosis from the CIS.  All of a sudden 2 munificents will come out of Hyperspace in the atmosphere of Geonosis and I will /advert [SC] The Republic is here begin landing parties and retrieve the informant




This is where the CIS will land and WIll set up defences for later.

The Republic will be holding the FOB and the CIS will begin an attack on that FOB, Succesfull or not the Republic will hold. These are the vehicles I will be using, I will possibly give more out depending on how well the push is going and how many RC/CE are online.


The reason I am using the republic tanks is because there are no CIS tanks that are at all effective. I will material them to make them look different. The hyena bomber will be for clearing out large groups of Clones that are away from the FOB. I will do wave after wave and move the droid spawns closer and closer to the FOB. Depending on who is winning the fight I will move the spawn either closer or further away. The result of this key battle will result in possible different endings for the event. If the Battalion member is Uncoordinated and they don’t prepare the troops properly the CIS will overun the FOB and then the CIS will hold that FOB until they can get reinforcements from their ships. On the other hand, (the ending im going for) The republic will repel the attack and the droids will be followed and killed all the way back to their own base. This is where the final assault will begin. The republic will push the base against overwhelming firepower via turrets and tanks alike. However there is a clear victor in this situation which is the republic. After this is taken Defcon 4 and debrief will occur.


EC Execution

First of all I will need to get a sufficient amount of Event Characters. I love events with a fuck ton of B1 droids which have low health. So I will try to get 14 EC’s. The only problem with this is the fact that the server will be chugging with this many EC’s, so to combat this I may need to change some Event Characters back and swap some to commando droids where I see fit. First of all the event characters will be Alien Species with no special equipment as they are there to be run down. I will split the EC’s up to 2 camps at a time with all of them being at the third camp. Depending on numbers they may be at all 3 camps to start off with. I can split up the spawns between the 3 so it doesn’t really matter which camp they spawn at they will be defending a camp. However I won’t split the EC’s if the republic attacks 1 camp at a time as that would be a waste of time. If they attack all 3 at the same time like I would ask the Battalion it will be more fun for the clones and this will work. Once a camp has been destroyed I will remove the spawns there and this means that the other camps will have more EC’s. However there will also be more clones attacking those camps. After all camps are destroyed I will bring all EC’s into the admin room and I will begin prepping the next stage. I will get all of them to change their names. To droid names, recognising this may take a long time during the event I may just give them more generic enemies at the start so they don’t need to change their names. For example if they are called something like Hostile then their name it will mean that it doesn’t matter what their name is and I can deal with jobs. Anyway once the CIS attack I will pick trusted EC’s that I have and get them to use the vehicles/ships. This will help the push if they are better and it will mean less problems due to stupid EC’S.



A disclaimer before reading the Jedi Part of the event. I took inspiration from Space the event planner. This was because in my opinion he does the best Jedi events and I really liked his ideas. I tried to switch up into my own style of integrating phases and lore into the boss.

Jedi: Basic Ideas, Pillars need to be found, leads to boss room

There are pillars around the map which have their own question that needs to be answered for them to disappear.  Here is an image of one of the pillars, there will be 3 pillars in total around the map that need to be found by the Jedi. 


Once they have all been found it will trigger an advert in the chat that will look a little like this. /advert [RP] A bell toll can be heard in the distance as a church rises from the ground into plane view. After this advert I will just spawn in (or my co host) will spawn in a pre-made dupe of a church (this is the boss room). The reason I have the 3 pillars before the final boss is because if there are a lot of Jedi on I will be able to put hostiles at the pillars and tell Jedi to split up and deal with each of the hostiles individually. However if the number is low i.e. around 6, the boss will be the only hostile. When the boss room is erect it will look like this.

oHXWfKv7_4wt2xHjzIp9joV8Vrw0EG-5rX4F3GV_8-uqM1beVurOiu5aJa3zH8hctnhgUWH0t_p1-hTz9ffCiD9UE3nG9r3avn8VU1s1EXZqAVGblvTa6uHQrKMEtwxHRAhPxq95I know it doesn’t look great, however my creative skills in building respects are rather dog shit. The boss( i.e. a competent sith) will be standing at the foot of the statue. He will address the Jedi exclaiming that they should not have come and that there is nothing to gain except death.  The Sith boss will have 80k hp or 100k hp depending on the amount of Jedi and how fast they cleared the first bit.  The sith will be using a single hilt red lightsaber and they will focus on being fair in battle and try and fight jedi 1 on 1. After the Jedi kill the boss the Jedi will assume that they have defeated the Sith and they think they will return home, however on the contrary the boss switches into phase 2.  I have decided to utilise the jukebox and dynamite as an ignition for the phase 2 start. I will store dynamite in the statue and will begin playing “boss music”.  The dynamite won’t damage the Jedi or anyone else I checked. The boss will then rise through the legs of the statue via noclip and will stand on top of the statue, with half of the hp they originally had. They will then pull out 2 lightsabers. Once ignited they will go ham and start attacking multiple Jedi for a short while. After this they will begin focusing 1 at a time until death. This will be the end of the event and the Jedi will return to the ship via LAAT’s.

For Jedi EC’s there will be 1 to 3 depending on numbers of Jedi, If there are a lot of Jedi on I will add more EC’s accordingly. 




Have you ever Done an Event Before?: Yes 


What was your event and was it successfully executed?: I have done hundreds of events, all varying in success.


Do you understand the responsibilities an event-planner has? If so, what are they?: An Event Planner must deliver a pre planned and well executed event on a weekly basis. The Event planner must only use ULX powers during their event or an event they are helping with.


Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: Yes


Anything else?: WG- E planner 



The Boys


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Tank traps arent allowed btw 

Apart from that its silent what else do I have to say 
Good event plan + expirence 

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+1 reasons stated above, he’s crazy.

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And a bunch of other shit no one cares about...

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+1 was spitting straight facts on his hlrp staff app and i think he would create some amazing events


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reasons stayed above 

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Very detailed app

ULX experience


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Good event plan

A really known members of the community/ been there for to long

Got alot of ULX experience

retard tho, sometimes a lad


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who cares




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On 8/14/2020 at 9:43 AM, Silent said:

Warns/Bans: Metagame warn couple bans here and there

Probably should be a little more formal on what punishments you have been given, so it is clear to the people reading and accepting your application.


Other than that, the overall application looks very good. A little informal in places, however you have shown that you know how to produce good events. The event idea is strong, alongside the Jedi idea which is pretty good too. I won't go into much detail as you have had experience as EP before. Seeing as this is another attempt at EP, I think this time he should be selected. Even if there are doubts, he will be put onto a trial period so if he does fuck up he can be demoted etc. I think Silent deserves another chance at EP and would overall do a good job.

Also, 21 weeks wtf




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- Lots of past experience
- Well made event idea
- You have shown a lot of improvement, since the last time you applied


Contact me or Rogue on Teamspeak for an interview

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Nobody cares

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