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Server you got banned from: scprp

Your name in-game: idk anymore (had like 10 names)

Your SteamID:

Admins' name that banned you: idk man

Admin's steamID: idk man

Why did you get banned?: spawning a prop trhuw a witcher portal.

Evidence(Un-necessary): nope

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: i dont but still idk how to say im sorry i shouldnt have spawned anything trhuw a witcherportal to be funny and go with my friend. wasnt smart from me to do and thats why im sorry for what i did. i tbh dint mean it like to crash the server i just meant it so they can just magicly see props trhuw it just tried to be a funny cunt. and well it kinda chanched me when i got banned from my favoutrite gmod server. i now play on 2 servers and well both i got 1-3 weeks on and got around 4 warns. yes ofcourse sometimes i make a mistake by doing a advert late or something. but just to say that this wasnt ment to be a crash off the server or any kind off lag spike i couldve created. and still im sorry for doing this. i kinda wished i just dint be that guy ohhh imma follow my friend and do a funny  (it wasnt funny and not smart)           and cause i waited 1year+ (i think that was a long enough punishment)

Anything else?: why am i making this unban apeal again u may ask? well im not good at english and not good at being social to english people thats why i got my friend to help my write this one to realy show what i mean. and im still sorry and well idk what to say more than me being sorry.

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