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Sadness Intensifes MC&D Salesman Application

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Common Roleplay Name: Brandon Ford

Steam Name: Sadness incarnate 

Discord Name: Sadnessincarnate#1900

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:432500005

Your Current Warns (15 warn limit, take a screenshot):image.thumb.png.1fad0cb78d68823641cb7d8403f75232.png

Current Playtime (1-week minimum):

1 week 6 days 11 hours
Tell us your back story:
Jordan Ford was always looking for new people to swindle. He didn't care who they were as they always fell before him when he started to talk. He just had this aura around him that made people start to agree with him. This caucasian man with green eyes and a bald head along with his fedora was always able to get what he wanted. But he always didn't care what they thought because he always held this belief. If you have something of value to me, I have have something of value to you. He always held this towards everyone he met. Friend or foe as he knew that everyone has a weakness be it money, loved ones, or power. He started the salesman job a one of his local auction house 4 years ago from now and before he left was always able to get the most coin from everything put up for sale. For as long as he's known nothing has gotten under his skin as he always had a straight and uncaring face to everything but when he was brought a job offer from an agent of the MC&D for a job offer as a new salesman in their new outlet in  a small but bustling anomalous city called Ovis. For the first time since childhood he showed surprise and happiness to something brought up to him. He's always known that making more money then another has been his profession but now it was his job.

Must include appearance, personality, methodology, attitude, motives ,and profession.

Why do you want to join Marshall, Carter and Dark?:
1. Money. I want to get money and due to the other GOI salesman jobs being taken down this is the only one. 2. I want to play a role that has a massive role on the surface. The MC&D in lore are probably the strongest force in the world. That's why no actual war is fought against them as they are strong enough to cause the end of the world with 1 phone call. I want to be apart of a crazy powerful GOI that has an effect on the server as a whole as the option to buy weapons that others don't have is massive thing. I also wanted to play more open jobs. Foundation doesn't let you stretch due to all the SA and the ISD around so I want to let loose and have fun on surface and not be killed because I'm a mayor or other GOI.

Why should you be accepted into the MC&D?:
Because I spend extreme amounts of time on the server. While I don't have the time to prove me being on i've spent a lot of days on the server slaving over certain jobs because I want to play them. If I get accepted I will most probably no life it as the prospect of this class is very interesting. A seller to other GOIs no matter what they are is an interesting idea that I want to be apart of. I'm also a good leader when i'm not acting like a fucking idiot. I understand that at the end of the day this is basically SD of MC&D and that means that this is a leadership role that people will look up to. That means that if I get this i'll be observed by others. It's because of that when i'm on this job i'll be a good leader due to this.

Explain what MC&D is and their profession/purpose?: 
They exist to exploit everyone and anyone to get money. In lore the business Marshal Carter & Dark LTC. is a GOI that are one of the biggest players in the anomalous world do to their many MANY dealings with other GOIs and other entities such as them supplying the Wanderers Library with many rare and exotic books that they Library haven't seen ever as well as dealing in the extradimensional black market that sells many things from dreams nightmares and other abstract things. MC&D owners are Amos Marshall, Ruprecht Carter and Percival Dark who set the business up in the late 1800s. They started to deal in all forms of stuff from human trafficking to assassination order but where the MC&D really shine is in the anomalous world. In the anomalous world the are the strongest due to their many political ties they can plunge a country into poverty or collapse a world superpower with nuclear weapons. The MC&D exist to do 1 thing. MAKE MONEY. Exploit the rich and manipulate the poor to attain even greater fortunes. At the end of the day we make business with anyone who has the coin to pay or a service to give for us.

Explain what the jobs in the MC&D do (Bouncer, Agent and Salesman): 

Bouncers are the main defense of the club. They are there to maintain an order of sort set by the salesman. They are technically the lowest rank in the club due to them being entry level employees. Due to this they are the only force that can be bought/hired with advisory by the salesman.
The MC&D Agent is the main force outside of the club. They are outside to scout for anomalies outside the club. They are equipped with light firearms and an anomaly scanner. This allows them to find anomalies or anomalous humans to take back to the club for purchase by others. They also serve the purpose of being the eyes and ears outside of the club. Allowing the salesman to know what is going on outside the club without fear of him getting killed by others. The salesman in the head of the club. They are stationed at clubs around the world and are the owners of the club they are at. They hold full power to do whatever they want. This includes selling the bouncers so they may make money. They are the main outlet for the club without them there is no business at the club as they sell the drinks and weapons supplied to them. They as I stated own the club they are at so they can pretty much do whatever they want. They are there to also maintain relations between other GOIs so that they remain neutral to that business can flow normally 

Give me an example of how will you advertise that you sell drugs/weapons/anomalies: 
I would call over comms for people to come over the club for legal drugs or to come for licensed weapons from pistols to military issue firearms such as AR-15s or AK-74 rifles. I would do it in a way that the police do not suspect that we are doing anything illegal as that would ruin the business we have in the city. We don't want the owner of a business to be arrested now do we? No we want to seem as legal as possible despite us dealing in some not so legal actions. I would sell drugs by stating /s Hello people of Ovis City we are selling currently legal drugs to all who want some. Come on down to the club today to get some. If it were weapons I'd say "/s Everyone in ovis city I'd like to inform you all that we have an amazing selection of licensed firearms from low caliber pistols to military standard rifles." If it was an anomaly then I would say "/s The club has just recovered a antique clock" or an antique key that we are selling. While we are selling anomalies if people knew about the paranormal world it would be a jeopardy to our business as we deal in the anomalies greatly. One of our businesses is in the realm of dreams.

How should be the relations of MC&D with other groups be?: 
Be neutral at least as in order to maintain a constant flow of money they need to buy from us. This can range from small guns to the military issue items we have. If there are no buyers then how can we be kept afloat? That is why we need to at the VERY least be neutral as neutral means we both won't attack each other so that means that we can sell in peace without any interference from others. If I attain this job I will maintain a neutral or possibly positive relationship with the GOIs in the city as I know that we cannot be hostile with each other as that would impede business. While keeping relations is big it doesn't equate to keeping the business up. Keeping the business up is my main priority.

Explain how would you deal with a situation where there is a possible raid situation against MC&D?:
I would inform the bouncers that we are being raided and give them better weapons so that they will have a greater chance of killing people. I would also inform the agents who are outside of the club that we are being raided and of they have a sniper rifle dispatch of 1-2 people if they could and then hide as it would be good for us in the defense. I as well as the bouncers will set up farther back in the club so that there is a greater chance of us defending against the raid. If all goes according to plan we should be able to win against them easily. 

Give me an example of your ideal method of managing MC&D/Unwhitelisted jobs as a Salesman: 
I would order the Bouncers to watch the front door and inform anyone who walks in to please show ID before being let it. They will be MAINLY in the club to guard it from surprise attacks such as harrow thinking it'd be funny to test out their snipers on us. I would make sure that anyone inside the club looking for a purchase is trust worth before i decide to give them anything. The bouncers will also be able to be bought by other GOIs for a certain price that I will determine based on who they are. I would have the agents go around getting anomalies and being my eyes and ears outside of the club so that I know of anything happening so that I may be able to capitalize on the conflicts and be able to manipulate other GOIs into allying with use or purchasing from us.

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