KingMyth's Ban Appeal

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Server you got banned from: SCP.

Your name in-game: Not sure.

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:105071713

Admins' name that banned you: Doesn't say.

Admin's steamID: Doesn't say.

Why did you get banned?: For Lying to a Staff Member to get a job.

Evidence(Un-necessary): Don't have any.

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: I don't really deserve to be unbanned really, I lied to a staff member to get what I want which is horrible, For the

Staff Member I lied to I'm deeply Sorry if it means anything but I really like the server, I used to come on basically every day and play but I made a mistake

and hope the staff member will forgive me and I'll be able to have a second chance at redemption. I bought so much on that server as well and hope I'll be able to make it not go to waste and have fun on a server I enjoy playing.

Anything else?: My last Appeal didn't go so well but I hope I'll be able to get Unbanned from the server this time, I was a bit angry that I got banned which made me horrible to the people judging my appeal so to the people who did I'm sorry and I hope I'll get a fair Appeal from everyone. Thank you

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To people too lazy to read the previous thread,

This dude asked at some point asked for oneroi wl (when it was a thing), Apparently matt (yes the funny matt feeney)  tp'd to max
( max livio ) and asked him to forcejob him to oneroi since no one could wl, Matt said that he got accepted so Max forcejobbed him, Then max double checked the thread and noticed that matt made a mistake, so max forcejobbed him back to a d class and this ue makes a report ingame, Max tp's to him and he says and i quote Max on this " Skyhoop said I got accepted on discord " over and over again, Max asked for  SS multiple times and he did not show it,he kept avoiding the question.

Oh btw he made this comment too in his unban thread,

" So you all are just agreeing with him because you know him this ban system is rigged it's not a fair system.  "
Its not taken out of context 🙂

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Cheers for adding the full story Fairgamer.

And as I said I was a bit mad the system isn't rigged at all I was just making up excuses to get unbanned but if you all want to say no then I can't blame you.

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