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Fix Stream Radio / 3D Radio

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Please, I only received it as a gift recently but please fix the fact that legit anyone can control it even if you disable display, controls etc.

It's generally annoying, like I place down a radio right? I set it to 0.5 Volume and 1K radius, next thing you know I check it and its at 1.0 Volume and 3k Radius,

It is generally annoying how literally ANYONE can control your radio, it's also annoying how when someone wants to play their own music instead of listening to yours they just set your volume and radius to 0 then blast their trash.

This honestly annoys me at times, please make it so that only staff team and the person who placed the radio can mess around with it.



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Just tell them to stop and if they don't warn them or call a staff member. Purposely adjusting the radio up when told to stop by the owner of the radio will probably fall under trolling or the stream radios rule (1.19.).  

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Yeah. But the problem is you don't know who does it when there are 5+ people in a room. That's the problem.

I know I can warn them, but who if I don't know who it is from the bunch? No one will admit as well. I ain't gonna punish everyone for 1 tard's action.


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9 hours ago, Avery Winters said:

You can disable the display on the radio. I think that disables the controls aswell.

In this suggestion I mentioned disabling displays and controls still lets people control it Via holding down C right clicking the radio and going to properties. It is so annoying because there is no real way to stop people from using your radio and messing with it.

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I have now fixed this issue as part of the late summer update I just did last night so this no longer needs to be talked about

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47 minutes ago, Bread said:

Because you're staff (?)

No, anyone can edit it, I just made a random O-1 edit my radio and he made it 5000 radius,

I don't know what you and maurice mean but you can still edit radios via properties menu not matter what rank you are, user or staff it doesn't matter, you can still edit.

2 hours ago, Maurice D Biggs said:

I am not sure how you tested that, but I tested it with players and it does not seem to be an issue

@Howling Rex why isnt this closed anyway?


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