Internal Security Department [Job sugestion]

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ISD is a concealed "foundation within the Foundation", a secret police force responsible for filtering traitors as well as operational and information security risks among the Foundation's ranks. The department is strictly hierarchical, adhering to stringently defined multi-stage investigative protocol. Potential ISD agents must have a perfect service record and a length of Foundation service of more than a year. Usually, every ISD agent keeps his "official" position in order to provide his command a first-hand account of everything happening in a given department. The very existence of ISD is usually presented as a myth. The "official" responsibility of ISD is investigation and interrogation of captured GOI agents, although that part of ISD officially belongs to Security Department for the purpose of secrecy. 

My rp name: Franklin Sithinghoward 

Steam ID: FayKoks 

Level: 43 

My rp skills: 8.7/10 

I've been playing on the server for 2 days

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having ISD on the server would be annoying to CI, which is the best thing to be

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