O Axios Taisho's O5-9 "Misfortune" Application

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Your In-Game Name: O Axios Taisho

Your Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:155868754


Your Age: 14


Your In-Game Playtime: 6w 4d


Your amount of warnings (15 Warnings max): 4


Rate your roleplaying skills: From my own opinion as well as other's feedback I believe my roleplaying skills are above average, on terms of WG SCP RP though, being able to provide RP fun for all parties involved as well as appropriate to given situations.





What would you like your O5 Designation to be?: O5-9 "Misfortune"


O5-9: "Misfortune".

Varying age, appearance, etc. Original unknown. Carries a bone-handled knife; obvious occult significance.

O5-9's personality is based in SCP-963-2. Original version attempted to replicate SCP-963 — successfully. However, SCP-963-2 only holds the memories, experiences, and personality of O5-9 up until his first death.

When O5-9 is killed — and he has been killed several times — he is "reset". After each death, he has to be informed of events that took place after the time of his first death.

Reputation for being extremely unlucky. Restricted to underwater Foundation facilities. May or may not still hold an O5 Council position, but certainly plays a role regardless.

Possibly replaced by another O5-9, "The Outsider". Reports that claim his removal state that it was not voluntary, and was caused by one or more of the following:

  • a series of repeated 'resets' rendering him useless
  • corruption or damage to SCP-963-2 causing personality damage
  • Resistance to any form of change after being reset repeatedly
  • Inability to change with the times due to being reset repeatedly
  • Refusal to make use of his vote during an incident in which it was vital post-reset

Which is most likely is unclear.


Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions): I believe I should be selected to join the O5 Council as I have a large amount of experience in several roleplaying jobs having held a reasonable amount of WL positions as well as managing several groups, as a result of this I have experience in leadership and management of multiple individuals simultaneously as well as having previously been in the O5 Council back in V4 in which I held the same position I am now applying for. I know how to react to certain situations others may not know how to appropriately respond to ensuring roleplay continues to flow and the site continues functioning correctly and to the highest efficiency as well as being an enjoyable experience to everyone involved and not simply a one sided experience in which only one or a select few individuals enjoy the encounter. I believe I am able to bring my roleplaying skills as well as leadership qualities being able to correctly fulfill the role of a member of the O5 Council. The character I am applying for, O5-9 "Misfortune", is responsible for the creation of SCP-963-2 allowing me to become involved more with the research department, which is usually very retarded to say the least having a very small amount of individuals that actually roleplay whilst on the research department roles and those that do roleplay the amount that is sensical and not simply throwing D class at an SCP for a result is minimal, overseeing and becoming involved in testing as well as instructing if necessary would be a primary act performed and as a result of the character's immortality combined with their overall almost cursed misfortune roleplaying as this character could provide unique RP experience to those involved with it. Although this is a brief and general overview of why I believe I should be selected to join the O5 council it will be thoroughly explained further throughout the upcoming questions in more detail.


How many O5 Council Members are their in the SCP universe that are known but not on record?: The generally accepted fact amongst staff of the SCP Foundation regarding the O5 Council is that it is comprised of 13 members, some believe it to consist of only 12 members with the 13th simply being a tie breaker position passed around amongst the other 12 in voting situations whereas some believe that the O5 Council consisting of only 13 members is simply a falsehood used to disguise the true nature of the council consisting of possibly higher or fewer members. The truth behind the O5 council is that there are 12 members, O5 13 is infact a tie breaker position cycled between the members of the council in votes yet none other than the O5s know this. The "Infamous O5 Council", a rumour and a myth with none below clearance level 2 knowing of their existance and those that do knowing absolutely nothing about them other than this. They are the council of the worlds most powerful people, they decide if you exist, have ever existed or will ever exist. Once you know of the O5 Council you fear it, if you do not then you should learn to if you wish to survive in the world that is the SCP Foundation.


Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Adminstration?: The Site Directors role is to manage a Foundation Site ensuring all of the foundation personell, MTF commanders, departments and everything else is smoothly managed within that site allowing for the SCP Foundation to correctly function in each of their set locations across the globe. The Head Of External Affairs role is to ensure the external affairs of each foundation site is correctly managed including managing the civilian population, GOI activity and any imports or exports of the foundation, as well as this the Head Of External Affairs is responsible for the management of the Department of External Affairs. The Site Advisors are tasked with advising the Site Director in his decisions and choices ensuring that the site is ran to the fullest performance and efficiency. The Ethics Committee is responsible for ensuring ethical practice is followed within the Foundation observing all of the site administration as well as members of task forces, the security department, research department and all other foundation personell. The O5 Council are the absolute power in the SCP Foundation, they collectively hold all of its knowledge distributed between them and each hold power above any you will ever see. Their roles vary between each member yet relatively speaking their position is ensuring that all other Site Administration perform their roles correctly and to an above acceptable standard. As each council member cannot perform all of the tasks required to manage the SCP Foundation they each have their own specialisations having specific roles they perform much more frequently and to a higher standard than other tasks. Some O5s are specialised in research and development of the SCP Foundations tasks whilst others much prefer security or staff administration. Each O5 performs different tasks as well as each O5 performing the tasks they share differently to one another.


Explain what makes you special: I believe the thing that makes me special is my leadership and roleplaying qualities. I know how to uphold a leading position ensuring others do their tasks correctly whilst still not being a complete dictator and allowing others to freely perform tasks they wish to do and not constantly assign them to tasks they do not wish to do or be involved with ruining their experience on the server. Being able to lead others as an O5 is an essential skill and this combined with my ability to roleplay to an above average standard opens several different options whilst I am on the O5 job being able to become involved with different RP situations that may occur across the server and possibly expand upon these situations with the presence of an O5 overall improving the ongoing RP. I understand though that I do have my limits and sections in which I am not particularly skilled in which I am able to request assistance from another that may know how to assist me in such scenarios allowing a constant flow and not obstruction situations.


How do you initiate a nuke?: With the In-Character response being in order to detonate the warhead present in the nuclear silo on the surface all essential personell will be sent into the nuclear warhead room in Lower Entrance Zone and after the appropriate proceedures are completed a siren would be sounded on the surface followed by the detonation of the warhead whilst the detonation of the Alpha Warhead inside the foundation will be done by first arming the Alpha Warhead inside of the warhead room in Lower Entrance Zone followed by all essential personell being evacuated to the surface, this would be done discreetly to avoid mass panic of foundation staff. After all essential personell are evacuated a message will be broadcasted thanking all Foundation Personell for their service and work they have done before the warhead timer ticks down or is remotely detonated resulting in the warhead detonating and destroying the Foundation site as well as everything inhabiting it.


OOC You Need To Follow The Proper Systems Above And Contact Hierarchy To Use A Command To Detonate The Nuke.


What are the rules a O5 Council member has to follow?:

  • An O5 Council Member must not put their life at risk unecessarily such as entering a hazardous area, containment cell of an SCP or unecessarily interacting with SCPs.
  • An O5 is not required to yet should be escorted by Alpha-1 at almost all times to ensure their life is safe.
  • An O5 should not head to the surface unecessarily or without reason and under the occurance that they do they are to be escorted at all times by Alpha-1.
  • An O5 is not to abuse his power such as unjustly demoting or punishing those that do not warrant such treatment.
  • An O5 is not to openly state who they are and is to obtain secrecy regarding themselves only completely trusting their proven Alpha-1 units.
  • An O5 should not restrict or prevent testing without a valid reason.
  • An O5 is not to breach protocols or laws without necessary reasoning behind their actions.



Why would you like to role play as an O5?: I would like to roleplay as an O5, specifically O5-9 "Misfortune" as the position of O5 in my past experience was an incredibly fun one to uphold and use. The power an O5 holds allows you to have a larger presence in roleplay being involved with a large audience of people such as being the target of GOIs, the "superior" of your Site Administration and an overall involved character, the O5 plays a central role within the Foundation being involved with mass amounts of RP on the server. This combined with the uniqueness of the role having each O5 being drastically different in how they act and perform followed by the lore and construction of each character makes this job an extremely preferable role to me. I personally find the character of O5-9 "Misfortune" incredibly interesting being an O5 almost cursed by his own misfortune repeatedly dying and each time knowing nothing after his first death allowing his character to change repeatedly in his actions and knowledge of a scenario, as a secondary result of this immortality the RP of this specific O5 would very much vary from the other O5s providing a much more unique yet incredibly fun experience for both myself and all those I roleplay with.


Below you will find a few small tales regarding O5-9 "Misfortune" which I found very interesting and further adds to the way this character will act and how their concept functions as a whole:


He always claimed he was the unluckiest O5. The only one who didn't get to be a world-traveling jetsetter. Oh no. Nine was stuck deep in the middle of the ocean. Sure, he could travel to any of the water Sites, all couple dozen of them, but most of the time, he ended up here, deep beneath the sea, where no natural light could find its way. He was a pale man, small, always looking lost in the suits he tried to make look good. A bone-handled knife rested in his hands at this moment in time, as he stared into the abyss. It would have been poetic to say something gazed back, but the only thing outside the window in his office was water, lots and lots of water.

Several seconds later, the only thing inside his office was lots and lots of water. Between the water in his lungs, and the pressure so deep, O5-9 was the unluckiest O5.


O5-9 was the unluckiest O5.

Dr. Bright glanced down at his cell phone, and made a face. "Fuck. Nine got himself offed again?" He tapped his fingers together, and frowned over them. There was no one on site currently who fit the specifi— No, wait. There was one. Yes. Two birds, one stone. "Joshua!" He called to his secretary. "Tell Agent Elroy to meet me at the elevators."

A few minutes later, the doctor and the Agent were riding down the main shaft together. Bright stared determinedly at the numbers as they ticked down, towards the bottom of the site. Yoric, on the other hand, fidgeted, hummed, and otherwise made himself annoying. It was his gift. Finally, he could contain himself no longer. "Look, Jack, if this is about the cafeteria incident-"

"It's not about that."

"Ah, then feeding Kane peanut butter, look, it was really funn-"

"Not that either."

"That girl told me she was 18!"

"… That excuse never worked for me either. Yoric. You are being let in on a secret several steps above your current security level. So, shut up, and do what I tell you."

The rest of the ride continues in silence. If he had been any other doctor, he might have worried about what he was planning on doing. But Jack had stopped making emotional connections to his fellow workers. He knew it always ended badly.

The elevator drew to a halt at the bottom of the site… and then proceeded to move sideways for some time. Yoric shot a questioning look at the Senior Staffer, but chose not to ask. It wasn't until the elevator doors slid back to reveal a sign on another door that he actually spoke. "Nine Six Three Two? Wait, there's more of you?"

Jack opened the door, and stepped inside. The room was small, a large window showing the room beyond, in which a box rested on a pedestal. "Yoric. This is very important. I need you to go into that room, and open that box, and bring me back the object within." He sighed. "I've been authorized to give you the 006 you've requested if you do so."

Cautious, but optimistic, Agent Yoric Elroy passed into the next room. Dr. Bright locked the door behind him, then turned to the window to watch. 963-2 had always been his dirty little secret. It was his fault it had been created. Yoric carefully opened the box, and, when nothing jumped out at him, carefully reached out a gloved hand to pick up the odd metal symbol inside. "This the ARGH!" The agent screamed in horrible pain as his body was grabbed by an invisible force. His bones, his flesh, his entire body was wrenched, this way and that. Bright stood watching, hands clasped behind his back. This was what you got when working with inferior materials. Well. It didn't matter. In a few minutes, Yoric would be completely gone, never to be seen again. And his body would rise as O5-9, the Overseer who thought he could be immortal. Bright would have to bring him up to speed. One of the problems of 963-2: it had only copied the memories up to the point of Nine's first death. It didn't matter.

After all, O5-9 was the unluckiest O5.


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Im sorry but while iv seen you play a lot on the server and your application looks neato, im going to have to give you a big ol  -1 for the simple fact you never play administration for like months now and you only play combat based jobs. Also you dont play much of foundation jobs, you play mostly GOI's.


The Council's eye has shed its light upon you~


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3 minutes ago, Joe Drakan said:

Im sorry but while iv seen you play a lot on the server and your application looks neato, im going to have to give you a big ol  -1 for the simple fact you never play administration for like months now and you only play combat based jobs. Also you dont play much of foundation jobs, you play mostly GOI's.


The Council's eye has shed its light upon you~


I primarily play GOIs at the moment such as MC&D Salesman and GOC Assessment Team, MC&D isnt really a combat based job as it primarily just stays at the club and distributes weapons and anomalies whilst GOC Assessment Team disguises and infiltrated groups and doesnt openly engage in combat and leaves that to the GOC Strike Team. Regarding me not playing administration this is a result of me simply having prefered to play GOIs up to this point but I wish to use this as an opportunity to get more involved with Foundation Administration. Currently I have HoEA, Harrow-23 and ISD Whitelist which I attempt to play rather frequently yet still less than their GOI counterparts. If I was accepted into this position I would more than likely be prioritising this position for quite a while as not only do I wish to use O5 as a reintroduction into Site Administration roles but just as a way for me to get more involved with the Foundation as a whole whilst not going against it as a GOI.

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Unfortunately I'll have to pass.

I would consider with a +1 if you actually played site administration.

I've enjoyed your presence on the server but dude I don't know if you could be able to play as O5 without decapitating every researcher like they are pigs at a butcher shop.

idk man.


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The majority of the -1s on this are regarding my current lack of activity on Site Administration roles, that is the reason I am applying for O5. Given this position I believe I could be more active in this section of the servers roles once again becoming active within the Site Administration roles. I currently am most active within GOI roles and also occasionally on ISD or Harrow 23 if there are large amounts of GOIs on, if given this position I would become involved with Site Administration roles again. If given this whitelist I intend to be active on the job much more than my other whitelists so rather than judging on my current activity on Site Administration roles judge on the application and my performance on the other roles which I am active on. I have had enough experience on Site Administration roles having only played these roles in V4-5 before I first joined Sarkic Adytum's Wake playing Site Director before becoming both a HoEA and O5 in which I spent all of my time on the server on these two roles varying depending on which jobs were filled at the current time playing HoEA when more GOIs were on and O5 when more Foundation Personell and SCPs were online. Basically a TLDR although I am not currently active on Site Administration roles I intend to do so if given this opportunity.

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-1 Na, doesnt even play foundation so why should u even be considered for an O5 Position, u never play site adminstration which is kinda one fo the requirements to apply for this position

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Neutral/Leaning +1
Your activity and actions on SD today were good. Not sure how much I trust you after the repeated interfering you've done to us as MCnD Salesman, but now that you want a job on the Foundation side, could be neat.

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Amazing app, although there are major complaints. The two major ones being, first, you haven't played Site Administration in ages and mainly play Combat Focus jobs. Second, lots of negative criticism from Council Members, the most out of all applicants, most of it being untrustworthy and prone to fail. 

You may Re-Apply in one week or believe that you have changed, you can also re-use your app.


The Council has voted.




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