Malcolm Scott's unban request

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Im still curious. I think everyone would be able to create an opinion on this thread if we got provided evidence of you saying such things. Otherwise its just assumptions.

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"Why did you get banned?: "threatening to mrdm with wire and abuse tools"

Evidence(Un-necessary): where? i havent said i was going to

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: i was falsely banned because some idiot decided to tell smt that i was going to abuse tools in wg scprp with adv dupe 2 but i didnt even say i would on w-g scprp, i was in another server and unban now please luke fridge (xunt) im just not happy anymore i was falsely banned"

"i was told i was banned when i joined yet ive done nothing on a w-g server or a ts3, it was a mutual server for multiple communities "


By "mutual server for multiple communities" you mean "DMs" and "other server" you mean "W-G"

I do not have consent from the person who sent me the screenshots to show here, until I do so I will not post it. When I posted the evidence in the dev/hierarchy chat Harland immediately told us to ban you for the threat alone. You were bragging about leaving the community and that a certain comm banned person had given you a wire dupe to mass RDM on the server.



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