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Common Roleplay Name: Rick Lee/MKIV Cloverload

Steam Name: Qas

Discord Name: Qas#2557

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:240356511

Your Current Warns (15 warn limit, take a screenshot): 1


Your Current Playtime (1-week minimum): 1w, 1d

Tell us your back story:

Rick Lee: Caucasian male, 25 years old, 5'9F, stubble beard, brown eyes.

Rick Lee, the former assistant to the Hong Kong mafias heir or future leader Leo Xia Long. Adopted at a young age by the mafia, he has been appointed as the heirs assistant, both of them had a good friendship as they were at the same age, can't say the same thing for the other family members though, they were a bit...harsh to say the least.

Fast forward a couple of years the heir has been going to private schools and what the other rich families do to their children, while Rick has been considered a "Low" person of the family, usually getting stuff for the house helping the maids, butlers and workers with getting household items, foods etc.


An incident has occurred, the families business and dignity has fallen, their warehouses, restaurants, clubs, houses. All destroyed. Rick is now 20 years old, the heir wasn't experienced enough to know the outside world and how it worked, he was among the fallen. While on the other hand Rick knew how everything worked, from dealers, to other gangs and mafias, one caught his eye though. They sold really weird objects, stuff that he has never seen before, asking one of the people that sell these kind of stuff how much they were sold for, he was shocked, surprised and excited. The salesman gave him a few numbers if he found these kind of stuff around.


working hard, trying to find these strange things, almost giving up, his case getting worse since the fall of his "family", walking around he stumbled upon a toy, a green t-rex made out of Plastic, labeled "Mr.Chump" he inspected it closer, noticing a little switch he turned it on, the toy came life, only difference from it and an actual toy was it had actual minimized T-Rex teeth and it sounded like an actual t-rex, a couple of minutes later it started moving on its own like it had a soul, it's skin slowly becoming real every second that passed, until it became a small baby T-Rex. Spending a couple of hours playing with the thing, it got tired and went to sleep on his lap. Now going back to its original form of Plastic, trying the switch again it wouldn't turn on.


The moment has came, he went to the nearest phone booth to dial the number he had in his torn up pocket for a few days, waiting patiently for the person on the other side to answer, after a couple of minutes the person picked up, answering with a "Yes?" Instead of a hello.

"H-hi, my names Ric-"

"cut to the point already."

"I'd like to sell a toy T-Rex that comes to life once you turn on the switch"


"I'm thinking like 100k?"

"Too low, you have two more tries or you ain't selling it."

"u-uh uh 1 million"

"still too low"

"20 million goddamnit"

"heh, there you go kid. Head to Mongok at 2 AM today with the toy. Look for someone named Dark, we'll meet."

"y-yes sir"

Why do you want to join Marshall, Carter and Dark?: A very active player on the server playing for at least 4 -6 hours everyday, for the most part I've been playing as an Agent and the concept of finding anomalies while also selling weapons and drugs is to my liking. And I would like to be a salesman when at times they're not available at all to sell or to deal with situations that require one.

Why should you be accepted into the MC&D?: As I mentioned before I am an active player on the server, I know what I'm doing when it comes to MC&D and I would like to fill in the salesman role when no ones doing it. When it comes to RP it self I am good with negotiating prices manipulation, as I could hide the identity of hired MC&D agents and bouncers durning raids or hits, so I could protect the club and keep business going with any problems.

Explain what MC&D is and their profession/purpose?: Marshal, Carter and Dark Limited. Is an organization organization in London, but also expanding to NYC's and Hong Kong's clubs, they mainly work on finding anomalies and SCP's classed as Safe from the Foundation.

Explain what the jobs in the MC&D do (Bouncer, Agent and Salesman): 

Bouncer: Main force of the club, they work on protecting the club and salesman fro any possible threats, they also check customers ID's and check if they have weapons for the safety of the club.

Agents: individuals who work inside and outside the club, gathering information about other GOI's, advertising the club and looking for anomalies for the Salesman to sell.

Salesman: The most important person in the whole club and the manager of it, makes sure the agents and bouncers are doing their jobs, and manages the relations with other GOI's (talk with MC&D management first)

Give me an example of how will you advertise that you sell drugs/weapons/anomalies: "Selling firearms and drinks at club come by!" "Come by club and get all kind of body enhancements and weapons!" "Come by and take a look at the magical orb! 100k to touch and 500k to take!" "Key that opens every kind of door at club for 500k/1 Mil"

How should be the relations of MC&D with other groups be?: Always being in a good relation with all GOI's to maintain the club, bouncers, agents and businesses safety without any issues.

Explain how would you deal with a situation where there is a possible raid situation against MC&D?: Try to reason with the raiders first, see if they require something from us and get this attack over peacefully without any casualties from both sides. If they're here for the sake of a raid, gear all of the Agents and Bouncers with the best weapons we have, give them drugs to get an advantage in battle and call upon Friendly GOI's to help with defending the club from said attackers.

Give me an example of your ideal method of managing MC&D/Unwhitelisted jobs as a Salesman:

Bouncers will be guarding the club entrance and the salesman, getting ID's from customers and weapon checking them to make sure they can't harm the Salesman.

Agents will be sent outside the club to advertise the club, look for anomalies and keep an eye on other GOI's to insure the safety of the club.

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