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breached comms 24/7?

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can we add a rule where  one person is only allowed a certain  amount of comms at a time
I was on this morning and found out some guy had breached all of our comms and he gave all of the comms to his friend (civilian) and he waits till his friend gets back on and he gives them back to have our comms breached for indefinite until a server restart that is unfair

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Adding a limit would make things difficult for jobs that need/has use for multiple comms,  mainly Administrative Foundation Staff.  Hoea as a prime example.

I dont feel it is necessary, you can use the Teamspeak now,  and he only needs to die once to loose it all.

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On 8/27/2020 at 8:26 PM, Maurice D Biggs said:

How would you even expect this rule to be enforced? , Please just think if what you are suggestion would actually be doable in the first place.


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