SOmeRandomWeeb Unban appeal

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My In-Game name:   SomeRandomWeeb


Steam Name: SomeRandomWeeb

What is the reason for your ban: NH2RP

How long were you banned for: 5 days

Name of the staff member who banned you: Jedi Master Luminara Unduli

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: Ok, I had 1 arrest for cl5 breaking and got demoted to cadet so after my visit to brig I changed to Jedi, then FP in MB and ended up alos breaking cl5 which got me 20m and demoted to youngling. Then a while later I got re trained (thanks john) and became CT, during this time there was a pretty big rp scenario created by CT's so I decided to join in as it was quite fun. Got to a point where we started to scheme to "charge the HQ" obviously a joke that we didnt do but I decided to run at them (keys out) and got arrested on the stairs, at the time there was no warning for ct getting arrested on the stairs. I got a bit annoyed at ths and ended up disrespecting higher ups which I understand but then I get the 5 day ban. I truly dont think this was rightful as I had no warning for arrest on the stairs and thats what led me to getting the ban. Thanks for reading, GN.

Evidence: https://prnt.sc/u77kzi

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-1 its only 5days you were legit apart of a minge squad of CT's the whole night was just CT's getting arrested , you were constantly minging , you got a 48 training ban as jedi

Also just the name

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1. Part of a minge squad of CTs

2. You got yourself banned from being Youngling trained for 48th hours 

3. Fail RP like Solaire said

4. Minging constantly since I have been online

5. You changed your name from Recon to avoid the jedi ban

6. Your current name




just no

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Local news, a man explains how he breaks CL5 twice, uses FP on MB, changes his name to avoid ban, joins a squad of CTs that go rogue (FailRP), and other type of mingy stuff, yet he says that he is here to RP, lmao no.


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You clearly didn't show any intentions to RP, You were arrested multipul times and had to be retrained too, 48 ban on jedi and bein retrained as a CT in a day big yikes.

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-No one cares




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weebs bad and i think ur pretty bad with what the others said

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I never changed my name to avoid a ban, I was asked to change my name because Tiddies wasnt allowed. So I asked for recommendations and Rogue said "Recon" and I can tell you this. I did Rogue proud!

Edit: also can I have platinum-vip on forums I have it in game


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