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Lightning manipulation for orb

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Hey Walter Alvarez here,

So as many of you should know I like being anomaly and stuff and my problem is that the sword you get from the orb is a pretty sh*t ability.

I mean yes it does it`s damage and all, but you have like a very low chance of winning in a fight with the sword.

So your target needs to be unarmed and locked in a small area with you.

If otherwise you won`t be able to kill you him.

And I mean come on like anomalys have Church and GOC against them, so anomalys should get a little buff with Lightning manipulation.

And it would also be a buff for Foundation because a O12 with lightning is better then a O12 with a sword (fact).

So yea I don`t know what else to write.



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OK first off the sword I chad 

If they did add lightning manipulation it would need to be changed I would say increase damage of the electric laser thing but remove the explosion entirely as being able to have multiple people with the ability to do loads of damage in a way like that will get annoying as hell to deal with.

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On 8/29/2020 at 9:47 PM, Shadow said:

Probably not gonna happen because " Not needed " or " Too hard to code " but sure have a 


Its not too hard to code but idk if you noticed its OP even the M1 can destroy as its almost undodgeable.

It wont be added to the orb ever if you want to get your hands on it go buy the anomaly drug from MC&D


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