Jack Gordon

MC&D Whitelist Request

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Common Roleplay Name:Jack Gordon


Steam Name:peter


Discord Name: Crane#2216




Warnings (Won’t Let Me Take A ScreenShot): Random ID Checking On Surface As CM, Randomly Shooting A Civilian For Not Buying His Drugs.


Current Playtime: A Couple Of Weeks I reckon.


My Backstory: I was a simple civilian until I stumbled upon MCD Bouncer and he taught me about the organisation and since them I have aspired to join them.


My Appearance And Personality And Methodology, Attitude, Motives And Profession: I am a UK male who usually wears black, I am a sane man who is quite friendly but can be stubborn and professional, I have a degree of Anomaly Research and I have a good attitude. My motive is because my friend and father figure is a bouncer there and I believe I can live up to his legacy and help his organisation. My profession Is a freelance Anomaly Detective. 


Why do you want to join Marshall, Carter And Dark? To help my friends' organisation succeed and because I am interested in their work. I also don’t particauly like SCP Foundation and this organisation is not friends with them.


Why should you be accepted into Marshall, Carter And Dark? Because I am familiar with anomalies and I am an intelligent, reasonable detective so I could be useful.


Explain MC And D’s profession: It is a secret organisation which is to others a rich catering facility, it has ties to major money networks and it is against Scp. The secret side is where the best selected agents find and contain anomalies while they get rich and useful experience.


Explain the jobs inside the organisation: Well a bouncer will basically be a guard and will be at the store letting in people who work for them, Agents are going and collecting anomalies/rare items and containing them, salesmen will be going and and selling drugs, anomalies and guns, they may raid unfriendly organisations, they may demote bouncers and agents, may order lower ranks, lead the group, interact and manage relations by speaking to management, defend the club and expand and manage the business.


Give me an example of how you will sell drugs, anomalies and weapons: I will go around and find people on friendly terms and try to sell stuff to them, if they deny I will tell them if they tell anyone what just happened, I will kill them.


How should relations between MC AND D be between other groups be: Preferably neutral, we don’t raid them they don’t raid us because otherwise other groups might try kill us for being in friendly terms with a disliked organisation.


Explain how you would deal with a situation where MC AND D might get raided? I would try to calm things down and demote if a bouncer or agent started it, if I can’t I will try and tell a higher rank/management, if it gets extreme I will try wipe their memories but if it gets extreme I will kill them.


Explain how you would manage Lower Ranks: I would try to be respected but friendly but if they disrespect me I will be stubborn on them but be on neutral terms.

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