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Common Roleplay Name: Phil Kroonic

Steam Name: Kruni

Discord Name: BobanIndika#6392

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:92235527

Your Current Warns (15 warn limit, take a screenshot): 2



Your Current Playtime (1-week minimum): 4 weeks, 5 days

Tell us your back story:



Accessing UIU File #397  -  "The Fixer"


Marcus Steven Night is a Caucasian male of an average build and American nationality. Short black hair, and very rough face lines.

Approximately 192 centimeters tall, weighting around 75 kilograms. He's easily profiled due to a recognizable scar that extends across his right eye , which he got in his younger years. He's described as being perfectly patient with any job he is carrying out, and was very kind to UIU agents.  Born in 1910 Chicago , the subject was a teenager when he first interacted with anomalous , however it is unknown whether this is true or not. Lived in a relatively poor family until his father's death. His father , Steven Night, who worked as a bank accountant, was murdered in a home invasion when Marcus was only 14. Due psychological aftermaths of his father's sudden death, Marcus refused to follow any educational programs, and eventually fled from the house leaving his mother behind. His mother, Samantha Night,  was a jobless drug addict and is believed guilty of tying Marcus into the anomalous world, because she would often use Loanshark money to gather a supply of often anomalous drugs, coming from the Chicago Spirit. It is unknown who killed Marcus' father, but it is known to be tied to his mother's debts (as a result of ignoring threats). After Marcus' fleeing from home, every track is lost of him until in 1930 , he is finally brought into custody of FBI's Unusual Incidents Unit. The incident in manner that brought him in was trafficking of anomalous items, racketeering, and 7 murders tied to him. Agents of UIU recieved an anonymous tip of a storage where multiple of these items were stored, and through small a search , they found out that Marcus owns this garage, as well as several other locals including a bar (Where he spends most of his time at). 

Arrested in a garage where he built a small basement to store smaller anomalous items. Upon FBI's quick action , he did not resist arrest and surrendered, which was deemed suspicious from the agents of FBI. As soon as he was brought in, he was mistaken for "Mr. Night" (Although it is still unknown whether this is actually Mr. Night), and was questioned about many actions unknown to him. He was held captive for 8 days, and proved to have been co-operating with the man going by the pseudonym "Mr.Night" however it mostly consisted of gathering info for him and they have never met face-to-face. This info included but is not limited to , tailing important political personnel,  attending secret meetings ,  keeping a tab on organizations such as "The Foundation", "Marshal, Carter and Dark LTD" etc. This is already pretty worrying  , but subject was unexpectedly very co-operative and gave out many of the Chicago Spirit's stashes resulting into the eventual group's collapse. Marcus was supposed to be on a death penalty, however due to being highly cooperative with UIU and proving very helpful in fight against the Chicago Spirit, he was left with a life sentence. Suddenly, after 8 days of constant interrogation (Subject was allowed to sleep for 10 hours every day), the subject disappeared without a trace. In his cell, there was a note (Confirmed to match his handwriting) addressed to "Pale men afraid of the Unknown". It was rather a short one, and made UIU believe that the whole thing was staged , starting from his arrest to present.

The note reads:
"Mr.Night is rather thankful for your co-operation. The Spirit is collapsing. We are pulling out."


The subject is referred to as "The Fixer" , being a close associate to Mr.Night and carrying out his work on field.




"I spent my whole life looking for an inner peace that would satisfy me to a point where nothing else would matter. And I never found it. When I was a kid , I thought money could replace it, but I was wrong. Money can buy anything and anyone, but the satisfaction is short. When my father died, I realized it was all about surviving in this cruel world. I still vividly remember trying to enter my father's room after I saw men with guns pull him inside and lock the door. It started out quietly, then talking, then I could hear my father yelling as he tries to fight back, then all I could hear was cracking sounds and my father crying out in pain. It all happened so fast, and my mother was to blame. She took some money of city crooks, you would rather think it was Chicago Spirit or someone else so big that I would like to destroy them, but you're wrong. They entered our house, coming in like some family friends, and then twisting my father's neck after destroying his whole room to search for cash. Upon exit, one of them just looked at me with an empty stare and said "Stay safe, kid." . I knew well that by the time I grew up, these fellas would be long dead in a gang shootout of a kind. So I let it be, and leave my mother behind to overdose in the house. I lived on the street, lurking around Chicago and being a blind passenger on many trains, I made quite a lot of friends through my teenage years , seeking out peace I would never find. Money is what I was seeking, and I eventually saved enough to rent an apartment in a local area where Chicago Spirit used to have its main bar. Money is everything but peace. That's where I got my first job, I was a bartender and everyone enjoyed being around me. Meanwhile I would use my free time to drop off the remaining drugs I stole from my mother's supply (And it was a lot). Eventually, one person who would always leave tips and stay around the bar for long time intervals,  took me under his arm and that's when the real things started. Mr.Night as you'd call him, would give me simple tasks for lots of money, which of course I accepted. It started simple. Take that bag , travel across town and leave it in an alley. Then it evolved to something more dangerous such as spying on other gangs and stealing their supplies. Eventually we grew to be pretty good partners as I was skilled enough to carry anything he would ask. He would later start refering to me as "Mr.Fixer" or "The Fixer", and I kinda liked it. He proved to me that money is worthless , because his funds allowed me to buy anything I ever wanted.  I proved to be good in sale, so he let me drop off some of the items of his. I did it fast and efficient , after 5 years of co-operating with Mr.Night, he left me a letter at my house explaining the coarse of action I will take from now and why. He decided to pull out, he always said there was a way out of all of this. As I read through the note, he also asked me to pull out with him, or I can collapse with the Spirit. I wrote back to him, it didn't matter how he would recieve it but he would, I told him that I don't want to collapse with the Spirit, but neither I want to get out of the game. I'll carry out the work he provided as the last, but I want him to offer me a position in a different organization (And Mr.Night had all kinds of connections and is a big POI for UIU) , keeping the other one under our tab without Mr.Night even being present. And so I waited for 5 days before I found another message, where he explained that he really appreciates the work of mine, and will introduce me to MC&D after I carry out the work. I previously mentioned it's all about survival in the world. Well, I accepted the offer, and so together, we collapsed the Spirit. Not because I had anything against them, but because they proved not strong enough to survive."


Sender: Mister Fixer
Recipient: Mister Night

It's been rough years my friend, and I thank you for everything you provided for me. In the beginning when I asked you "Why me?" you said you saw a spark so bright it could have lit anything on fire. I never understood your motives, but as I was young and foolish it's pretty easy to get lost in the world as big as ours. I can't thank you enough for providing me life I always wanted , only to let me realize that it does not include happiness . You taught me I will never be satisfied if I chase for greater. You said I remind you of your brother. I never had one but I can say with decency that you were like a brother to me. You kept me on the right path through all these years, without you, I would still be riding on that train who knows where, until I would be eaten by my own desires. I have settled in MC&D, they accepted me with ease to no surprise since it was you who contacted them. I found many of your items on their market listings, which means that our plan worked. I'll carry on with this wind until it goes other way. 

 It's sad to see you go now, but it is a choice of your own. If you ever need anything, I am still in and ready to provide it. Our paths may cross once again.


P.S. Lewis is thrown into snitch dungeons, no need to search for him.

With the greatest of regards,
 Mister Fixer

Error! You do not have permission to view this file.















Permission accepted. Hello, Mister Dark.



Designation: #157

Name: Marcus S. Night

Log: As if my brother is to trust for this, comes from a really shady and empty background, without any school or college degree. However, he never gave a recommendation before for a person, and is the last my brother gives, so I decided to drop him in. Sure enough, Marcus fit in fairly with ease and treats everyone with kindness and patience. He looks like one of the guys coming straight from mob movies. Scar on his right eye , really rough in his face and a voice like he's been smoking since he was 7. But , ignoring the physical traits of his that might come into the way when the customer is in question here, he managed to function really well as a salesman. Sure, I gave him other jobs. He's used to work solo, but he doesn't mind company, in fact they amuse him since he never had any actual friends (Exceptions from childhood and my brother currently being the only one). At first I gave him a few jobs I just couldn't bother with, and he finished them, but commented that they were not really worth his time since he can do a lot better than that. I'm not used to bullshit like this, but I give him a real shot now. There were several personnel that acted as sort of "Men in black" kind of guys, their descriptions and methods do not belong to any currently known groups worldwide. Those men were sniffing around our market with unknown intentions, but were seen as a threat due to being extremely hard to relocate after being seen. Marcus, or Mister Fixer as we like to call him, not only located them, but also managed to strike a deal with them. As with what kind of deal it was Marcus refuses to speak, but he adds that they are sort of immortal and can relocate any time they want, but they wont bother with MC&D anymore. After this, I let him try himself as a salesman, as I my brother firstly recommended him as, because he claimed "Fixer can sell you a pen for quite a price if he wants to". Sure enough, the sales increased by roughly 15%, which is a lot for just one man to be able to do. He did not work alone , however, he had other salesmen under his arm using similar tactics to sell anomalous. All in all, I have a new task for him.

He's currently in charge of our former club based in Ovis City. Our influence there is smaller compared to other states, but the anomalous activity rose there even more than it used to be during the XX century. As of this, I am increasing the marketing force there and sending in the best man for the job, Mister Fixer.




Why do you want to join Marshall, Carter and Dark?: I find the organization it self pretty interesting, considering how much fundamental power they have, they could be considered a big threat to Foundation if any major move was pulled against MC&D. I would love to once again (I already had the Salesman WL when there was no application for it, Diesel gave it to me) be able to make good deals to players and let them have fun interacting with anomalous, while I roleplay as the character I created. I am not in it for the cash, in fact I used to share anomaly sale money with the agent that locates it, and I have money more than needed. I want to join it because it is currently the most interactive GOI on server , and that's exactly what I need. Being able to interact with others all through the playtime I spend on server. And there comes the fun of playing as MC&D; trafficking guns, drugs, and anomalies while running a club where people can come to have fun at.

Why should you be accepted into the MC&D?: I was always good running a sort of mob and MC&D is currently the closest to that on the server, but I make sure I myself and everyone else around me interacting with us has fun (Except raiders because they always die). I am an old player with lots of roleplaying experience and this is nothing new to me, but I love to play on SCP RP and since I wasn't here a while (Sold my PC, got a new one now), this will be the first whitelist I get if I do. This means that I will be able to provide most of my playtime on server to the job (Since I am having most fun playing as salesman and not having other WLs). And while I lost all of my club dupes , I can easily create a new one that would easily and fairly counter raids if needed, while also keeping our men safe. I also liked to initiate big parties, have VIP areas for special guests, even recruit some outsiders to work for me in different ways, tasking them with spying, keeping tabs on places or whatever I assign them to (Paying in the end of course). You can already see to how much extent this goes and how greatly I can interact with people.

Explain what MC&D is and their profession/purpose?:  

A private club based in London, England. Caters to the super-rich and possesses extensive political and financial ties worldwide. Collects rare and obscure items, including anomalous objects. Focuses on providing its members "the most exclusive, expensive, and rare experiences available." Prefers to apply financial and political pressure to achieve their goals, but will employ outside agents to perform physical violence as necessary.

Generally hostile to the Foundation. Has caused several containment breaches, primarily through the use of money or social pressure. However, the Foundation has entered into contracts with the organization on occasion. They involve in any possible activities that could bring them more money, including the illegal ones of course.

Explain what the jobs in the MC&D do (Bouncer, Agent and Salesman):

-Bouncers are sort of main force of MC&D on server. While their main purpose is to protect the club and ensure anyone who enters does not contain weapons; they also carry out work that Salesman orders them to, usually the ones that require the use of great force.

-Agents act as Field agents of MC&D on server. Their main task being looking out for anomalies , and safely escorting them to the club/discrete location if able to (E.g. If an anomaly is too dangerous, bouncers can be used as a backup), they should keep tabs on other GOIs that pose a threat to MC&D so no incident comes to occur. They too receive direct orders from Salesman.

-Salesman is the one mainly in charge of the club. He sets up the deals, parties, runs the business and expands it. He also has items such as drugs/weapons that he shall discreetly sell to people due to Ovis' laws. He directly commands both Bouncers and Agents and should keep them intact with one another, while also keeping the club safe . All illegal operations should go under the radar, and salesman is the one who knows how to do it, and he will. Salesman can deny any sale if necessary.


Give me an example of how will you advertise that you sell drugs/weapons/anomalies: 

-Drugs: /s "Have you ever wondered how is the club so nice smelly and clean? That is because of our cleaning components! The club now has its own branding of cleaning chemicals that you can buy directly from the club."

/s "Carter Cleaners" - experience the club anywhere you go!

2 Adverts since 1 cannot fit, if it was one only, I would just advert regular chemical components.

-Weapons: /s The club has a limited stock of self-defensive measures. Come and get yourself equipped for any situation!


-Anomalies: Once in a lifetime! The Club has a very special offer for its party's attendants! Get there right now to see what the word is about. And don't forget your money, because you'll need lots of it!


How should be the relations of MC&D with other groups be?: Let's start with friendly ones, Chaos Insurgency are ones of their most valuable customers and they both have the same enemy - Foundation. MC&D usually supplies Chaos Insurgency with weapons that are later used to raid Foundation site.  They are neutral to Foundation since MC&D decided to keep secrecy as a marketing advantage, because if it wasn't for secrecy other groups should take the marketing lead, they also let Foundation contain some anomalies because they can't bother or deem them worthless. All in all, they do not respect Foundation's members because Foundation usually opposes them. They are hostile with GOC because GOC would often aggressively try to get to anomalies that are in MC&D possession  , in order to fulfill their purpose of destroying the same. Many items in MC&D include some of the COTBG artifacts, therefore CoTBG would also raid the Club to get these back, making them hostile towards MC&D. 

Explain how would you deal with a situation where there is a possible raid situation against MC&D?: First of all, comms have been probably breached a dozen times already while this is about to happen, so I would without revealing much , " /mcnd we have a meeting, quit whatever you are doing and come to the club. " or make a codeword that means "possible raid" or "raid in progress". After members would have been gathered, I would call up for the missing ones (If there is some in case). Now if I don't receive a response, I'd assume they have been kidnapped and held captive already, leaving us with a member short. If this does not be the case, I would hurry them up and threaten with a demotion if they do not abide the order and come to the club. I would inform them about the possible raid that should happen any moment on us, and supply our members with needed defensive measures, along with activating the same in the club (Such as shields, covers etc. to counter the raid). I'll also contact any outsider (E.g. a citizen works for us and is paid for it/ is trustworthy enough to do so) to inform us about the outside situation of the club, while also not revealing much of their location info on the comms for their own safety. Outsider can be Chaos Insurgency as well, which would come more useful if we form some sort of a pact where we will assist them if they get raided, and they will us if it happens . A codeword for a raid would be of crucial importance in this situation.

Give me an example of your ideal method of managing MC&D/Unwhitelisted jobs as a Salesman: I look to keep decent people who understand how MC&D works on server, this would mean if any minge working on his own, refusing orders , and opposing his own colleagues will be demoted. If there is someone who has never played MC&D before, that is perfectly fine, we were all there once. I would tell him to stick around me to observe how it all goes out with sales and teach him some basics on how he should act as MC&D. I treat both Agents and Bouncers equally, as without them,  a one man army cannot do much honestly. However, this does not mean that they have the same task. I usually tasked agents (Or 1 agent as it was before) to work as a field agent rather than hang out lots of his time in the club. If they needed any assistance on field though, I would send 1 or 2 bouncers to assist them, or if the situation would be very dangerous, we would all go together to protect our agents. I keep agents busy tasking them to spy on different GOIs and also keep good relations with friendly GOIs such as CI (That's why I have to keep very decent people in the agent slots). This is all very useful for MC&D itself , and agents have fun doing it. Bouncers on the other hand, I keep more around the club to protect it if needed, or whenever I would go on field they moved with me. They can have fun in the club, but if someone to roleplay comes into the club, they should get serious. I treat all members with respect , like a family, a mob family. Therefore they feel more important in the roleplay and do not loose motivation to come and play as MC&D again.

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26 minutes ago, Puggo19 said:

Why did you change account, only just started playing the server "Again" was only known as "Fake Ash"  Does not know when to backdown, immature. 

Check the old RAPTOR TEC job suggestion and the comments for the best example, i recomend you get some popcorn for the thread!


I did not change account, this is my original account ever since the new forum is up. I did not have PC until recently (I had to sell it to pay my brother's debts), so yeah life sucks and describe me more this part where I am "Immature" since I cannot quite remember neither you or the situation. 

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That is not even my account lol

Did someone actually made fake account of me? Imposter! I am the real virgin who used Ash's name and wasn't active quite a while. So basically you are being fooled by an idiot bigger than me, and you believed it. All in all, I have 0 ties to that account and I used Ash's name because I liked the name Centurion, only to realize later it was his past username.

Also, I can provide in-game proof to prove I am the real Phil Kroonic. Idfk why would someone impost me I am anything but popular within this community.


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I don't know what going on with this fake ash shit but i dont care.

Reason its pending is because we haven't seen you on in ages. We will give you a week to be active and adapt to the new landscape of gois and the foundation then we will make our minds up at the end.

I am here to launder money

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Although it early we think you have been able to fit right back into the server so i see no reason why we should delay you from becoming salesman.

Ask for the roles in discord and in game.

Make sure to read the rules on the spreadsheet.

I am here to launder money

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