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What your suggestion is: Bascially reduce the price of the bacta gel tube and adrenaline shot by 1000 credits, this would allow people who heavily use bacta and stims not loose money compaired to their salary, as well as that I think it would encourage more use of them as currently only the bacta is used.  Prices are fair for grenades but especially for flash bangs they could be increased to reduce how many times minges will throw them before they run out of money.
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Neutral I agree with increasing the prices of flashbangs and smokes for that same reason that minges won't be able to afford as much to none of them items but when it comes to Bacta, 1.5k isn't alot to be honest most people of the server has millions, currently I'm at like 250k so. Personally I don't think it needs reduced if you want to get more money go EC then for abit


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Items aren't there to be spammed they are there for you to buy them now and then. Besides many people get at least 15000 credits before an event so I do not see a need of that. The credit economy is a bit broken and that is one reason as to why they were increased in the first place. So neutral


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Neutral idk how i feel about this if you play longer enough you cant run out of credits they legit have no use and you wont run out of them if you only buy vendor stuff

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Neutral. I mean i agree with upping the price of flashbangs and smoke grenades to try and dissuade minges from abusing them but the rest of the prices seem fine. Like others have said, credits don't really have a use so most people just end up hoarding them so decreasing prices necessary.

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